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Indonesia Optimizes MSMEs Through Technology Transfer from Participating Countries to the 2023 AIS Summit


By : Ahmad Dzul Ilmi Muis )*

The 2023 AIS Forum Summit event will clearly be able to further optimize MSME players, one of which is through the transfer of technology and innovation from various friendly countries who are also taking part in this activity so that the development of the blue economy can also occur optimally.

Chairman of Commission B of the Regional People’s Representative Council (DPRD) of the Special Capital Region (DKI) Jakarta, Ismail hopes that the 2023 Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum High Level Conference (KTT) can continue to maximize the potential of micro and small business actors and medium (UMKM), especially in the Jakarta area itself and also related to efforts to develop the blue economy, through technology transfer.

Because by increasing the potential of MSME players to the maximum through technology transfer so that they can also develop a blue economy, the maritime potential possessed by Indonesia as the host of the 2023 AIS Forum Summit itself, especially that of DKI Jakarta, will be much more optimized. again in order to further support the economy in Jakarta and also nationally.

The existence of technology transfer is also something that is very important and really needed by Indonesia. The reason is that technology plays a role in supporting efforts to improve production quality, including the production results of entrepreneurs in the MSME sector.

With the technology transfer that occurs, several shortcomings that DKI Jakarta, including Indonesia, still have, will be able to be pushed and improved into strengths, so that the various kinds of potential that the country has will clearly be able to be maximized.

Therefore, the implementation of the 2023 AIS Forum Summit is an opportunity for this nation to learn from other countries about the use of technology in developing natural potential, especially in the sea. One country that can be a reference is Japan. It is also important to make efforts to optimize marine potential in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Meanwhile, the Program Director of the Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (Indef), Esther Sri Astuti also admitted that in Indonesia there is still a lack of technology and innovation in the MSME industry. Therefore, if there is to be cooperation there must be technology transfer.

Apart from being able to improve production quality, the transfer of technology and knowledge is also very important so that people in the country do not just become workers for various foreign companies. Of course, holding the 2023 AIS Forum Summit is an opportunity for Indonesia to transfer technology, knowledge and skills from various other countries that have been successful in developing the blue economy.

Collaboration from the transfer of technology, skills and adequate resources can also support the development of the blue economy so that the potential of MSMEs in the Jabodetabek area, especially those involved in the blue economy sector such as processed fish and shrimp commodities, will be able to increase.

It is believed that the 2023 Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum Summit will also help to spur the development of MSMEs in coastal areas of DKI, such as the Seribu Islands. Regarding this matter, the Head of the Jakarta Department of Industry, Trade, Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises (PPUKM), Elisabeth Ratu Rante Allo stated that the international event which hosts the country has enormous potential to develop marine tourism, which With this development, it will move the wheels of the community’s economy, including the development of MSMEs.

In fact, currently the Seiru Islands region itself already has several local MSME products that are of good quality and are not inferior to other products, such as Betawi batik, breadfruit chips and also other processed seafood products. Therefore, holding the 2023 AIS Forum Summit also has great potential to be utilized in developing various kinds of products.

Even so, in an effort to optimize the results of the AIS Forum Summit which will be held in Bali on October 11, strong synergy is needed between stakeholders and also from coastal communities. This good synergy must also be balanced with programs from the government, such as the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government program regarding Entrepreneurs who are ready to synergize in developing MSMEs.

Through the transfer of technology from various friendly countries that are also taking part in the 2023 AIS Forum Summit, where Indonesia is the host of the event, it is clear that there will also be a lot of communication taking place so that quite a bit of information and experience will be exchanged from various parties. , including technology transfer and innovation so that the development of MSMEs will become increasingly optimized.

)* The author is an Alumni of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Unair 

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