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A Real Form of Indonesian Law Enforcement, the Security Forces Successfully Secure Papuan KST Officials


By: Maria Suhiap)* 

The joint TNI-Polri security apparatus and the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) managed to secure Papuan KST officials who have recently become a source of concern for local civilians, these arrests are a manifestation of the real work of law enforcement in Indonesia. This bright spot is the hope that Earth of Cendrawasih will be free from the troubling threat of the Papuan Terrorist Separatist Group (KST) or the Armed Criminal Groups (KKB).

The Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST), which is still unmoved in Papua, has now been secured by the security forces. Their brutal and inhumane behavior made local civilians feel wary, fortunately this has been resolved. His actions in various kinds of terror spread by KST Papua could no longer be tolerated, how could it not be for this abomination that many troops died while carrying out rescue missions. 

One of the KST Papua officials, Joni Bontak has been arrested by security forces. This was confirmed by the Kapolda Papua Inspector General Pol Mathius Fakhiri who said that Joni Bontak was arrested, abused, and shot by KST because he was accused of being a spy. Joni is included in the wanted list (DPO) who is said to have killed civilians and security forces. 

In addition, the Head of the Public Information Bureau (Karopenmas) of the Public Relations Division of the National Police, Brigadier General Pol. Ahmad Ramadhan said that one person suspected of being a KKB leader with the initials KTH or PH had been secured by security forces. PH is suspected of being involved in the KKB crime, namely the murder of a member of the TNI and the shooting of a member of the Yahukimo Police which led to the death of Brigadier Usdar in November 2022. Not only through allegations, based on tracing demographic data, Ramadhan confirmed KTH’s identity and proof of showing KTH’s photo to AS.

Meanwhile, according to Yahukimo Police Chief AKBP Arief Kristanto, the evidence found included 1 arrow, bow, striped trousers, red and white noken, red and blue bracelet, HT, 2 machetes, and 3 necklaces. Apart from that, 7 KKB members led by Yotam Bugiangge were also reportedly arrested by the joint TNI-Polri apparatus in Nduga. according to AKBP Rio Alexander Penelewen as the Head of the Nangka Police, the arrest was part of a law enforcement process that had been ordered by the Papua Police Chief to handle the KKB case. 

According to Rio’s statement, indeed the KKB carried out criminal acts to the point where they threatened residents if their requirements were not met. Residents at the Nogolait Complex were often visited by Yotam Bugiangge and his troops asking for food and financial assistance, if not fulfilled they were threatened with death. 

On the same occasion, the RI-PNG Pamtas Task Force Infantry Battalion 132/Bima Sakti (Yonif 132/BS) reported that they had succeeded in capturing Yusak Pakage, a KKB official and a terrorist. Wanting to flee to Papua New Guinea but ending up being arrested, Yusak Pakage was unlucky when at the Skouw PLBN Immigration Office who refused to take part in the examination. As a result of the chaos, the Task Force personnel temporarily secured him who was suspected of being a TPN-OPM sympathizer. However, when Yusak Pakage was taken to the Skouw Mabo area by Sergeant Rudi and 11 other Task Force personnel, the person concerned put up resistance and a commotion ensued again. After taking a persuasive and humanist approach, Yusak finally apologized for what he had done. 

Several recent arrests have become a manifestation of the real work of law enforcement in Indonesia on matters that deviate from ideology or the foundations of the Indonesian state, one of which is terrorism, radicalism, and other ideas that are considered to endanger human life. In this regard, law enforcement in Indonesia must provide justice to all levels of society. Especially indeed for people like the KST Papuan gang whose actions have disturbed the local community. It does take time and strategy, therefore these arrests are one way to eradicate terror groups that are still on the loose, especially in Papua. In addition, this is proof that the law in Indonesia actually works. 

It is not easy to eradicate the Papuan KST, which has become a frightening specter for civilians who often spread this terror, but the Indonesian government, especially the combined security forces of the TNI-Polri and the State Intelligence Agency (BIN), are not just silent, they are trying their best to find the best solution so that KST Papua is arrested and civilians are also kept safe without hostages. Fortunately, KST and KKB officials have now gone through the arrest process. This is a bright spot so that this problem can be resolved properly. Furthermore, it is hoped that the Eastern Region of Indonesia will be free from threats and riots caused by irresponsible elements.

)* Papuan students live in Bali

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