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After the Incident, North Morowali Regent Invites Communities to Be Calm and Together Maintain Conduciveness in North Morowali


Central Sulawesi – North Morowali (Morut) Regent Delis Julkasson Hehi said that after the incident that occurred at PT. Gunbuster Nickel Industry (GNI) in Bunta Village, North Morowali, Central Sulawesi, the community must be able to calm down and jointly maintain the conduciveness of the North Morowali area.

We have to maintain the conduciveness of the North Morowali area, people don’t know North Morowali if GNI is not present here, it must be realized that the presence of this company has a big contribution to this area. Apart from that, it also has a positive impact on kiosk traders, fish sellers, fishermen in Tumori Bay, and vegetable sellers around this area, said the Regent of North Morowali after the incident at PT GNI, Monday (16/1/2023).

The Regent of North Morowali added that about a thousand people’s fate is at stake here, the small businesses that are present here depend on this company, therefore we must be able to open our horizons of thought to be able to maintain good conditions together for the common good.

Meanwhile, National Police Chief Gen. Police Listyo Sigit Prabowo emphasized that the National Police, assisted by the TNI, would maintain security in the area around PT GNI, including conditions within the company. The National Police Chief ensures that the activities of workers at PT GNI are running as usual because conditions are already conducive.

The public must also be calm and not be provoked by incorrect information so that unwanted things can be avoided, said the Chief of Police.

On the same day, the Morowali and North Morowali Kodim Commander Lt. Col. Infanteri Constantinus Rusmanto said the atmosphere was conducive after the incident that occurred at PT. GNI. Let’s spread this to the community so that no one will be afraid and plan to leave their place of work so that GNI can start operating again soon.

The same thing was conveyed by the Head of Human Resources and General Affairs of PT GNI, Muknis Basri Assegaf. According to him, the current conditions are conducive and under control because of the alertness of the security forces in dealing with incidents so that the situation can return to normal.

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