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Appreciate the Raid on KST Papua Headquarters to End Separatism


By : Alfred Jigibalom )*

The raid on the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) that took place in Ambaidiru is very clear evidence that indeed all security forces are continuing and have been very optimal in their efforts to maintain peace on Cenderawasih Earth so that acts of terror and violence do not occur again and do not fall again. victim.

The Joint Team from the Damai Cartenz Task Force (Satgas) and also the Yapen Islands Resort Police (Polres) succeeded in carrying out a raid on the KST nest located in Ambaidiru Village, Kosiwo District, Yapen Islands, Papua.

Regarding the raid on the separatist group in Bumi Cenderawasih, the Daily Executor of the Deputy Head of Operations (Ops) Damai Cartenz, Senior Commissioner of Police (Kombes Pol) Joko Sulistio explained that the raid which was carried out on Friday, June 15, 2023 was carried out shortly after the arson occurred. heavy equipment (excavators) and also the raising of the Morning Star flag.

Of course, this also shows that indeed the security forces in Indonesia immediately moved very quickly and responsively in dealing with matters of separatism and terrorism in the country, because they were able to immediately take very decisive action to punish them.

Fortunately, the incident that occurred on May 29 2023 in Woda Village, Rainbawi District, Yapen Islands Regency, namely the burning of heavy equipment, did not result in any casualties. It is also undeniable that there were no casualties from the terror incidents carried out by KST Papua, which is also one of the concrete proofs of the success of the security forces in always maintaining conduciveness.

Furthermore, from the raids carried out on the nest of the separatist group and the Bumi Cenderawasih terrorists, security personnel from the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI), Indonesian National Police (Polri) and the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) managed to secure 1 (one) an assembled firearm (senpi) made of wood and resembling a camouflage vest pistol.

Not only that, but from the raid, the security forces also managed to secure the Morning Star flag measuring 25 cm x 15 cm as well as various other pieces of evidence. Now, all the evidence seized from the separatist group has been handed over to the Yapen Islands Police for immediate follow-up.

To further provide a sense of security and comfort to all people in Bumi Cenderawasih, therefore, the security personnel from the joint Cartenz Peace Task Force personnel continue to activate all their members to carry out patrols and go around to prevent unwanted things.

As it turned out, it was discovered that the Papuan separatist and terrorist group that had been successfully raided was the group led by Sefnat Marani. Then, to be able to reach the location of the KST nest, it takes about up to 2 (two) hours of travel by foot.

Meanwhile, the Head of Operations for the Cartenz Peace Task Force, Kombes Pol Faizal Ramadhani, revealed that initially the raids could be carried out by security forces because previously there had been information from the local community regarding the position and whereabouts of the separatist group.

However, when a raid was carried out into the KST Papua lair, it turned out that they had all fled and were trying to avoid the homeland security forces and left a number of evidence at their headquarters. By fleeing the separatist group from the efforts to raid the Carstensz Peace Task Force, it also shows that in fact they do not have any power at all and cannot move against the forces possessed by the security forces of the country.

One piece of evidence that was also successfully secured by the security forces from the nest of the separatist gang in the easternmost province of Indonesia was a communication device in the form of a Handy Talkie (HT).

On another occasion, the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia (Wapres RI), KH Ma’ruf Amin very strongly condemned all the acts of violence that had been carried out by KST Papua, and often even continued to cause casualties, both from civilians who did not pray to from security forces too.

Therefore, he then instructed that at this time the security forces should have acted much more decisively in an effort to deal with the separatist group on Cenderawasih Earth, including also in conducting sweeps and also pursuing all KST Papua members precisely and quickly, so that they can no longer spread terror by disturbing the security of society.

Efforts to always maintain peace on Cenderawasih Earth continue to be carried out optimally by all levels of the security apparatus. One clear proof of how they have done their hard work is the success in carrying out the KST Papua raid in Ambaidiru.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Bali 

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