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Chapter Death Penalties of the New Penal Code Middle Way Accommodation Interests of Victims and Actors


Jakarta — Exist Chapter Death Penalty in the new Criminal Code , becomes a road capable middle _ accommodate interest the victim and the perpetrator crime .

Member of the Government’s Criminal Code ( KUHP) Drafting Team , Yenti Gamasih state that should people think too how be in the victim position perpetrator crime and not just think about culprit just .

it _ he disclosed as form amazement will still exists polemic and criticism related Chapter Death Penalty in the new Criminal Code .

” If speak so , us sometimes worry yes , worried more many perspective see the ‘ perpetrator don’t wanted , perpetrator don’t early-initiate ‘, no once think about how the victim ‘s feelings , how the victim is ,” said Yenti .

But on the other hand, he is also the same very no agree with the person stating that only God can _ unplug life human , deep context himself is perpetrator crime convict punishment die .

No without reason , article of course anybody actually same very no can kill other people.

” Just now delivered , which can pull out life humans only God , when he accelerate murder very vilely , indeed _ he God can kill our citizens _ very despicably ?” said Yenti .

So from it is , it is Chapter Death Penalty in the new Criminal Code with clear arrange case this is a road capable middle _ accommodate interest victim and party perpetrator .

Because no can undeniably , that criminal dead itself is very necessary for capable prevent repeated crime committed by someone . _

Middle way meant _ in provision Chapter New Death Penalty Penal Code is because there is modification , namely the probationary period for 10 years for convict punishment die .

So that convict no live executed , but rather still rendered opportunity especially before and done evaluation to behavior , which are probable still capable change the punishment .

If in 10 years trial , the convict rated well , then no no possible the punishment will changed Becomes criminal lifetime live .

” In 10 years rated , if good moved to lifetime life or 20 years , so there is deadline 10 years , ” he said Yenti .

Moreover , so far this of course criminal dead still enforced in many countries began from the United States , to countries in Southeast Asia and Islamic countries.

Likewise , Professor Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia (FH UI), Topo Santoso emphasized that of course many chapter in the new Criminal Code Becomes road middle .

In Article 100 of the Criminal Code concerning criminal dead , he said Becomes road middle Among those who want exists application criminal die , and those who wish so criminal dead written off because no in accordance with human rights.

” For example , Article 100 of the Criminal Code is related with criminal die . Chapter this indeed mediate those who want application criminal dead in a manner zakelijk , while on the other hand there are those who want it to be criminal dead no need applied ,” said Prof. Dr. Topo Santoso.

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