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Communities Appreciate Attempts to Raid KST Papua Headquarters


By : Bryan Pianus )*

The Papuan people appreciate all the efforts that have been made by the Government of Indonesia and the combined security forces to protect them. Recently, the location of the headquarters of the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) was discovered and the security forces immediately raided it to eradicate these irresponsible elements.

It is time for the Terrorist Separatist Group (KST) in Papua to be completely eradicated. The security forces took decisive action by storming the KST Papua headquarters in Yahukimo Regency, Papua, on Tuesday, August 1, 2023. The aftermath of this ambush was also part of the response to the attack on the Brimob Paradiso post on Monday night.

The attack on the Paradiso Brimob post led to shots allegedly coming from a Papuan KST member with the initials AS after being investigated by the Cartenz Damai Task Force. Then not long after, the KST Papua headquarters was found by security forces, and they were ready to raid it.

Papua Police Chief Mathius D Fahiri confirmed that the result of the raid was that two KST Papua members were killed. Indeed, there was resistance that ended in the death of two KST members and injuring one Brimob member, Bharatu, Jogianus Ricko, who received a gunshot wound to the left thigh. Several pieces of evidence were also found at the scene, including six firearms, several ammunition and other powders that had been secured by the security forces.

Knowing this, the people of Highlands Papua feel a little relieved because little by little the Papuan KST is starting to falter and be eradicated. Residents appreciate all the efforts that have been made by the security forces during the attack on the KST Papua headquarters where they nested. The reason is, for a long time KST Papua has really disturbed the peace and peace of the Papuan Mountains, especially when the Susi Air Pilot took hostage some time ago.

KST Papua should have been completely eradicated to create peace and peace for the people of the Cendrawasih Earth. As is well known, KST Papua has indeed carried out many brutal acts that endangered local residents. How could it not be, actions taken even to the point of killing innocent people, isn’t this a violation of human rights? Obviously this is very violating, but it is not that easy to repay all the truly heinous actions of KST Papua. There needs to be a special strategy that is carefully designed so that during the eradication of Papuan Separatist and Terrorism Groups it does not involve civilians and remains safe.

Both the Government of Indonesia and the combined security forces, so far they have tried their best and optimally to eradicate these irresponsible elements. It is only fitting that KST Papua should be completely eradicated so as not to create commotion in the eastern region of Indonesia. It doesn’t stop here, of course the security forces also continue to try and try to immediately resolve the problems that occur there. 

Nevertheless, the eradication of KST Papua is not carried out without calculation, even though it has been carried out in a smooth way by negotiating, but there is no word of giving up. Various attempts have been made, even if using harsh methods to bring to justice the brutal group led by Egianus Kogoya. There is no word of mercy anymore for them, many victims fell as a result of the actions caused by these brutal persons.

Efforts that are currently being carried out have greatly assisted the local community, because Papua is currently experiencing a drought that hit mid-2023. It has been since last May until now, many people need assistance, even they are suffering from hunger, disease. – disease that attacks until death This suffering is also inseparable from the disruption of KST Papua which has also hindered the flow of aid to reach the disaster site.

Disturbance from the threat of KST Papua continues to be a shadow, so that aid supplies do not directly reach the disaster area. However, that does not mean there is no way. The aid has landed in the Sinak District. The community plans to work together to take the aid and bring it to the districts affected by the disaster, namely Agandugume District and Lambewi District. 

Due to this disaster, it is hoped that the elements who are also members of Egianus Kogoya will have a humanitarian side by not smuggling to take aid or disturbing civilians who are being hit by natural disasters. They are also expected to be able to filter that these things are not the time to launch action. Knowing about this threat that could occur, the security forces ensure that they will continue to try to protect and protect humanity.

Thus, the public need not worry because the security forces are also trying their best to guard and protect them from the disturbances of the Papuan Separatist Terrorist Group (KST). The raid that has been carried out indeed shows evidence that KST Papua will soon be destroyed, so that the goal of creating peace and tranquility on Cenderawasih Earth will soon be realized.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Manado

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