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Copyright Law Work Protect Layoff Victims


By : Gema Iva Kirana )*

Copyright Law Work impact positive for the victims of the Termination relationship Work (layoff). They will get severance pay as well as JKP ( Guarantee Lost job ). With money and bail the so they can continue live and seek profession new . They can too use severance pay as capital for entrepreneurship .

Amount high unemployment _ still Becomes problems in Indonesia. Plus again since Covid-19 pandemic months march 2020, a number employees were laid off due to factory the place they work roll mat . Situation this make people small scream because they lost the place for look for living and confused how Fulfill need everyday .

Government try resolve circumstances this with official Omnibus Law Copyright Law Work , October 2021. In this law there is Article 46 B paragraph 2 which regulates about guarantee lost work (JKP). Next will confirmed through regulation government (PP). So, laid-off workers do n’t will confused because will get JKP, in addition to severance pay .

No Correct if the Copyright Law Work will to the detriment of laid-off employees . Copyright Law Work precisely save employees . _ Because they were fired will got severance pay , though work not enough from 1 year . When there is companies that violate them so can be warned with hard by the Department of Labor , because they no Fulfill rights employees , even after being laid off.

Magnitude the severance will accepted start from 1-9 times salary . Laid-off employees also have the right get JKP cash , training , as well facility placement . JKP facilities are right for laborer Employment BPJS holders . So, them must permanent enable it , though no again Becomes employee at the company the .

Coordinating Minister Economy Airlangga Hartanto stated that the Copyright Law Work benefit the workers , because there is guarantee lost job . JKP will under BPJS Ketenagakerjaan and the government _ will give Support finance for the institution the . JKP pointed out that government not free hands and still attention to unemployment .

JKP made workers who were forced to be laid off get guarantee in the form of money, recommendations profession new , and training work . JKP listed in Article 46A of the Copyright Law work . Employees _ not again afraid when forced lost profession because saved by JKP.

JKP is something new , because _ usually the one at home only could severance , however now precisely given stock form training for Upgrade skills . With exists training work , then Skills laborer will increase . They not again regret incident lost job . However persistent practice and finally proficient .

Employees who were laid off then follow training and earning Skills new . They then can open effort alone , with provision of these skills . Rather can recruit employee and boss . With method this , amount unemployment will reduced .

Main Expert Deputy III Staff Office President , Fajar Bi Wisnuwardhani state that the form of JKP training and assistance financial During time certain . Even there is possibility there is scheme for speed up worker for return work , form access labor market information . JKP will managed by BPJS Employment and the government center .

So, bail lost profession no simply giving money to unemployment Government trying to keep the unemployed no down and given help financial for endure live . But JKP is also accompanied by training for enhancement skills and information profession new . So they will quick get work and free from unemployment status .

If someone points _ that assistance to JKP imitates the compensation program provided governments in several European countries , then they are wrong. Because if that is given to unemployment only in the form of cash or kind of BLT. Training and information programs profession new so definite difference . _

Worried giving cash _ sort of this rather make a number of person take advantage of it and get lazy to look for work . However if accompanied with training , then they will get knowledge new . For example they can open welding shop after trained method weld , can open a sewing studio , business catering and receiving order cakes , and so on .

because _ that’s a big mistake when someone accuses _ government no care to people small , especially employees . _ the cause because those who have lost job , still entitled receive severance pay . Then they also get guarantee lost work , complete with training so that ready work or entrepreneurship .

Government still think about fate people few affected by layoffs as a result effect negative pandemic . With the Copyright Act Work so there is protection for them , because still get severance pay at a time guarantee lost job . Copyright Law Work will can resolve problem unemployment in Indonesia because laid off citizens will fast get profession new . )* Writer is contributor homeland Institute

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