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Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights Affirms that the New Criminal Code is Able to Cancel Regional Regulations and Eliminate Random Raiding Actions


Jakarta – Highlighting the issue of the Adultery Article, the Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights emphasized that with the new Criminal Code it is possible to cancel the regional regulation so that it will eliminate raids and raids that might have been carried out in certain places suspected of being places of adultery.

The Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights (Wamenkumham), Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej stated that with the passing of the new Criminal Code (KUHP) by the Indonesian Parliament some time ago, this would automatically cancel the Regional Regulations (Perda).

Mainly regarding the existence of authority given to the Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) in carrying out raids to raids.

Highlighting the existence of an article on adultery which has so far caused polemic in society, the man who is familiarly called Eddy emphasized that the article in the new Criminal Code has the nature of a complaint offense.

In other words, absolutely no party can directly intervene just like that.

Including the existence of regional regulations, it will automatically fall under the Criminal Code if there are still some conflicting matters, because the level of the Criminal Code itself is the Law.

“If the Criminal Code states that it is an absolute complaint offense, then there cannot be regional regulations that conflict with the Criminal Code at the level of law,” said Eddy

So far, raids have been carried out on certain lodging places that are suspected of being a place of adultery due to the existence of a regional regulation, which places the Article on Adultery as an ordinary offense.

Eddy reiterated that if he refers to the new Criminal Code, raids, raids and sweepings will automatically no longer occur.

“That means, referring to the Criminal Code, there will definitely be no raids, raids, sweepings,” he added.

Precisely so far with the existence of an article in the new Criminal Code which is an offense for this complaint, according to the Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights, this is a middle way because it is able to accommodate various interests.

The reason is that polemics have occurred regarding the adultery article, some parties think it is the private domain of citizens, other parties admit that it is very important to have strict rules in place to prevent immoral behavior.

“So this is a win win solution that tries to accommodate various interests,” said Eddy.

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