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Derived from Community Aspirations and Formulations Academics , the New Criminal Code is Very Democratic and Upholds Humanity


Jakarta — Because it originates from the aspirations of all elements of society and formulations from credible academics, the new Criminal Code is indeed very democratic and also upholds human values.

Main Expert Staff Office President (KSP), Mufti Makarim explain that of course So far , politically, the drafting and formation of the national Criminal Code (KUHP) which was recently passed by the Indonesian Parliament some time ago has gone through a long process.

He added that the original legal product made by the nation’s children was the result of a manifestation of the public’s aspirations to immediately contextualize the legal system in Indonesia following the current era, so he considered it very important to have a national Criminal Code.

Therefore, indeed the entire process of formation to adjustment of the articles in the new Criminal Code always prioritizes the principles of democracy and humanity.

Firmly, he stated that the national Criminal Code is not at all against democracy.

Precisely , according to him , the enactment of artificial laws The Dutch colonialism that was once implemented had far more potential to conflict with democracy, because the evidence proved that it had succeeded in becoming a tool of repression during the New Order era.

“Precisely during the validity period of the law that existed before the existence of the new Criminal Code, it has more potential to conflict with democracy and the safety of the high society. During the Old Order and New Order eras, the Criminal Code was widely used as a means of repression. Therefore, the ratification of the new Criminal Code is a new chapter for Indonesia which marks the birth of the codification of law actual crime , ” said Mufti Makarim .

So far, the new national Criminal Code which was passed on December 6, 2022, continues to accommodate the many aspirations of various elements of society.

“There are various elements of society and aspirations that have been conveyed. Of course the process of determining these various aspirations is carried out carefully and in accordance with the scope set out in the Criminal Code. So it is irrelevant to link the narrative of the articles of the Criminal Code and scope accommodation the discussion with issue conspiratorial politics , ” said the Main Expert of the KSP.

Not only to accommodate the aspirations of the people, but so far the whole process of drafting a new Criminal Code has also involved a large number of credible academics.

Therefore, it is not surprising, in the national Criminal Code this many very perspective from academics _ , which continues to cling to humanity.

“I think the academic elements involved in the formation of the Criminal Code have unquestionable credibility. So that the provisions formulated in the new Criminal Code contain many perspectives from academic elements which should be hold on firm for interest humanity ,” concluded the Mufti.

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