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Determination of the National Criminal Code Indonesia ‘s Big Step to Reform the Criminal Law


By: Gita Oktaviani )*

Determination of the national Criminal Code is a very big step , because Becomes milestone moment historic and also very worthy for proud of by all party because will brought legal reform crime in Indonesia.

The House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI) has in a manner official authorize the enactment of the national Criminal Code (KUHP) . for replace existence of the legacy of the old Criminal Code era Dutch colonial last Tuesday 6 December 2022 .

Respond ratification of the national Criminal Code said , the Minister of Law and Rights Fundamental Man ( Menkumham ), Yasonna H. Laoly explain that endorsement that is a very historical moment in maintenance law crime in Indonesia. Because , indeed after many years ever keep going using the Dutch product Criminal Code , however now the Indonesian people have have system law alone .

Yasonna state that whole Indonesian society at the time this of course proper proud because this is the Motherland already succeed in a manner official and legal have their own Criminal Code , which is the same very no is artificial from another country. More further , he also explained how count started even the enactment of the Dutch Criminal Code in Indonesia since 1918 ago , which counts already around 104 years until moment this .

Temporary that , actually the founders nation this already start do design and planning for formulate so occur renewal will system law criminal since 1963 ago . _ It is also _ a proof , that indeed the national Criminal Code this has expected his birth by many very party even has be one _ the aspirations of the founders nation at that time .

According to Menkumham , indeed so far At this point , the old Dutch product Criminal Code has been deeply felt same very no relevant again with how conditions and also how need law crimes in the country. Naturally with fact that , be one _ no urgency _ indisputable again will be very important stipulation of the national Criminal Code .

On the other hand, it is precisely the national Criminal Code latest this alone have many very good nature , namely in it already very reformative , progressive and also responsive for can answer how whole dynamics will change situation latest in Indonesia. Yasonna also explained that the new Criminal Code this has through many very Suite discussion until formulation is carried out in a manner transparent , thorough and also participatory .

it _ because , so far this The government and also the DPR RI itself keep going accommodate various type input and ideas as well from all element society in Indonesia. No only has accommodate many input only , but the national Criminal Code has also many socialized to whole stakeholders interest up to all corners of the Motherland.

With many participation and also how _ enthusiasm from whole Indonesian society as well show that of course existence of a new Criminal Code this truly supported by many party . So from For that , the Government and DPR RI give their gratitude very deep love on whole participation Public in formation a moment historic the .

Furthermore , Minister Yasonna also added that ratification of the national Criminal Code no only just Becomes a very historic moment just because now Indonesia is official already have system the law alone , but also to be a point beginning from administration reform _ crime in the country through expansion various type possible punishment _ dropped to party perpetrator follow criminal .

same vein , the Chairperson of the DPR RI, Puan Maharani also stated that the national Criminal Code this is a effort recodification open to whole provision criminal and capable answer whole developments in society _ _ moment this . No only it , however he thought existence system law new this is also capable equate all view Indonesian people are very diverse condition .

More continued , Puan stated that stipulation of the national Criminal Code in a manner official as a Constitution for replace the validity of the old Dutch product Criminal Code is a very big step from Indonesian nation in his efforts carry out legal reforms criminal in framework make Indonesia as a very democratic rule of law .

How legal reform efforts criminal this , seen of the national Criminal Code which is not only just arrange criminal prison and fines only , but also added a number of alternative criminal other like criminal closure , criminal supervision until criminal work social .

There are also quite a few differences fundamental , ie in the national Criminal Code already no again put criminal dead as a criminal principal , but is a criminal special that will always threatened in a manner alternative . Besides that , in the process of his imposition , the convict will subject to probation up to 10 years especially first .

Clear course , whole the difference that occurred between the national Criminal Code with the Penal Code of inheritance the Dutch colonial is a very historic moment , because Indonesia has have system the law alone with keep going make an effort legal reform _ criminal . The latest determination of the Criminal Code of course Becomes a very big and well deserved step proud . )* Writer is contributor Archipelago Reading Window

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