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Kapolri: Situation at PT GNI is conducive and should not be provoked by issues that are not yet clear


Jakarta – The Indonesian National Police was ordered by President Joko Widodo to take firm action against lawbreakers regarding the arson, vandalism and clashes between employees that occurred at PT Gunbuster Nickel Industry (GNI) North Morowali, Central Sulawesi. The police were also asked to uncover the incident, guard and oversee so that all company operational activities can resume.

“This incident will certainly disrupt the large number of Indonesian workers, who will certainly be affected if the company’s operations are disrupted,” said National Police Chief Gen. (Police) Listyo Sigit Prabowo at the Presidential Office, Palace Complex, Jakarta, Monday (16/1).

According to him, currently the incident has been handled by the police. The National Police Chief also appealed to all members of the public and employees not to be easily provoked by issues that are not necessarily clear. The National Police, supported by the TNI, is ready to oversee and secure the situation so that the situation can be maintained and conducive. His party will also take firm action against the perpetrators of vandalism and anarchism.

“Currently the security personnel, both from the TNI and Polri, have deployed approximately 548 people and we will add 2 SSK Brimob (a unit at the level of a Mobile Brigade company) from the center,” Listyo said.

Regarding PT GNI’s decision to resume operational activities tomorrow (Tuesday, 17/1) morning, Sigit said that this was decided by the company after seeing that from a security standpoint prepared by the National Police and the TNI it supports this activity being able to operate again. In addition, the products from this smelter activity also have added value for the country, especially the addition of foreign exchange related to the downstream program.

”This is also part of our commitment to ensure that the company’s operations, the operations of the industry can run. The National Police, assisted by the TNI, is ready to guard, oversee, and secure programs that are government policies, including programs related to investment,” Listyo concluded. (*)

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