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KSP: The Latest Criminal Code Becomes an Essential Legal Product Legacy of the Jokowi Era Government


KSP stated that with the ratification of the latest Criminal Code, it was able to become a very essential legal product and was a legacy from the Government in the era of President Joko Widodo’s leadership.

Deputy V Chief of Presidential Staff (KSP) in the Field of Politics, Law and Rights Fundamental Human Rights (HAM), Jaleswari Pramodhawardani disclose that since 2022, many legal products and essential policies have been ratified by the Government.

One of them is the ratification of the new Criminal Code (KUHP) which will replace the existence and legal products of the Dutch colonial legacy since 1918.

According to him, the latest Criminal Code contains many elements of nationalism and is able to reflect efforts to reform national law.

More keep going , Jaleswari say that whole achievements that were successfully carried out during 2022 no free from collaboration all party .

Himself hope , so collaboration and coordination the keep going maintained for years to come in order to achieve the planned development agenda.

“Achievements throughout the year 2022 is fruit from collaboration and coordination effective Among all ministries/agencies and strategic partners. I hope that in the remaining two years, this synergy will continue to build stronger in order to achieve the development agendas that have already been set planned ,” he said Jaleswari .

Temporary that , Chief Staff Moeldoko’s Presidency (KSP). state that The ratification of the new Criminal Code is a sign for the Indonesian nation that this country has reached a new milestone in becoming a nation that is far more sovereign and civilized.

Not without reason, the article has been since 77 years since Indonesia’s independence, but only after the ratification of the national Criminal Code by the Indonesian Parliament, this nation has its own codification of criminal law.

“For 77 years Indonesia has been independent, only now does Indonesia have it codification law the crime myself ,” said Moeldoko .

For him, the new Criminal Code that has been ratified reflects many values of the Indonesian nation, including the fulfillment of human rights Human (HAM), to paradigm modern penalization and has gone very far leaving the paradigm of the old Criminal Code left by the Dutch.

On the other hand, the Governor of the National Defense Institute ( Lemhannas ), Andi Widjajanto explain that the existence of this national Criminal Code has only strengthened and broken foreign intervention against Indonesia’s legal sovereignty.

Andi considers that the new Criminal Code has become a movement for the evolution of legal development for Indonesia.

It is very clear that there has been legal development in Indonesia, as well as efforts to further strengthen the consolidation of democracy in the country.

“Legal development in Indonesia has been carried out by adopting the development of a modern criminal law paradigm and taking into account the need to strengthen the consolidation of democracy in Indonesia,” said Andi.

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