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KST Papua Firm Action on School Burners


Once again the Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) is throwing tantrums by burning schools in Papua. The people were very angry because this was not the first time that this was burning. KST must be dealt with firmly because burning schools is tantamount to preventing Papuan children from getting a proper education and proving that they don’t want Papuans to be more advanced.

Papua is in turmoil again after KST again afflicts residents by burning school buildings. The existence of this separatist group is like a thorn in the side because they always have trouble and the victims are innocent civilians.

KST’s actions were very upsetting because residents in Bumi Cendrawasih were affected. The rebel group is only a handful of people, and the majority of Papuans hate them because they don’t want to become independent.

On August 17, 2023, an arson occurred at the Ilaga 1 Public High School building, Papua. They also burned the school library until it was charred and badly damaged. This was stated by the Head of Public Relations of the Papua Regional Police Kombes Pol. Ignatius Benny Ady Prabowo.

Kombes Pol Benny continued, this action was carried out by KST to disrupt security stability. Meanwhile, the perpetrators of the arson were KST led by Titus Murib. Currently, the security forces are carrying out tight security so that there will be no more attacks or arson by KST.

The Papuan people are furious because KST has again set fire to schools. This incident is not the first time, because since 2021 KST has burned down school buildings 17 times. The burning occurred in elementary, middle and high school buildings.

Last April 2021, KST members under the leadership of Sabius Walker were caught setting fire to the school building, and they also had the heart to kill 2 teachers. The repeated burnings made the people of Papua angry because they damaged the facilities provided by the government.

KST’s behavior really wants to plunge Papuan children, because they can fail to study, when there are no teachers and places to study. KST is proven to be anti-education and rejects all programs provided by the government (because they hate the Indonesian government). Whereas education is for the good of Papuan children.

If there is a burning of schools and libraries, it is proven that KST prefers to dwell in darkness and ignorance. It also shows that they are anti intelligence and progress. This shows their quality and shows that this group prefers to be called backward. Whereas people who are not intelligent tend to be more easily deceived by other people who are cunning.

Meanwhile, the Head of Representative of Komnas HAM for Papua Region Frits Ramandey deplored the burning of educational facilities in Ilaga by armed civilian groups. He considered that this action not only robbed the community’s right to feel safe, but also access to education services.

Frits continued, attacks by civilian groups on public facilities have deviated from the background of their movement. The movement of this group no longer leads to political struggles, but to criminal acts.

Therefore Frits fully supports KST to be eradicated. The reason is because they always harm the people of Papua, by terrorizing, attacking and burning school buildings.

Then, the eradication of KST should be the main focus for officers on duty in Papua. After the Cartenz Peace Task Force was formed, which consisted of a combination of TNI and Polri members, they immediately moved quickly to eradicate KST to their headquarters. The goal is that the members of this terrorist organization are quickly caught.

The security forces are also increasing their vigilance and patrolling, especially in vulnerable areas in Papua, such as Intan Jaya and Yahukimo. They conducted raids and prevented the riots from happening again. In addition, the Nemangkawi Task Force is also increasingly diligent in carrying out attacks and arrests of KST members.

Meanwhile, the public can help eradicate KST by providing information to the authorities. When there are suspicious transactions or events, they can quickly call members of the TNI, so KST crimes can be prevented. Don’t even ignore it.

The community also supports eradicating KST from the land of Papua, because they are tired of being scared. The KST terror carried out for more than 20 years and has taken a lot of financial losses, injuries, and fatalities. Therefore, all parties must be united in fighting KST.

With the collaboration of the community and security forces, KST will be quickly eradicated and they can be eliminated from Papua. Residents understand that so far KST has been very detrimental because it burned down schools and caused various damages, as well as attacks. Therefore they work together to eradicate KST.

KST had crossed the line for setting fire to the school building and library. Whereas Papuan children really need education for their future. The Papuan people are furious because KST has repeatedly set fires, and caused significant losses. KST must be eradicated from its roots for the sake of the safety and future of the children of Papua.

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