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KST Shoots Airplanes, Hamper Relief for Drought in Puncak Papua Regency


Papua – The Papuan Separatist Terrorist Group (KST) is increasingly hampering the progress of Cenderawasih Earth until the arrival of assistance from the Indonesian Government in Puncak Regency is also hampered.

Since the leadership of President Joko Widodo, the Indonesian government has prioritized the country’s development, especially in the Land of Papua, but indeed there are actions that hinder the development process, so that the progress of this civilization is also hampered and slowed down.

After the various series of hostage incidents of Pilot Susi Air, Captain Philips Mark Merthens by KST Papua led by Egianus Kogoya made the condition of Puncak Papua Regency not conducive. In particular, air travel there was hampered because KST Papua fired on planes carrying food and passengers, even though it was intended for the local community.

Channels of aid to the two districts of the Highlands Papua region are now hampered and cannot be carried out due to the actions of KST which are increasingly brutal and do not think about humanity. In fact, it is well known that Puncak Papua Regency is currently experiencing a drought and requires external assistance to overcome this, but because of the sheer selfishness of this brutal group, it is difficult for aid to enter.

How could it not be, because there are no planes that want to fly there to bring the assistance that has been prepared, namely, food, drinks, and medicines. As a result of the inconduciveness of air travel created by KST Papua, the assistance ended up only going through one entrance and the main post, namely the Sinak District.

In the end, this assistance was not evenly distributed and only reached Sinak District, even though other districts also really needed this assistance.

According to the Regent of Puncak, Willem Wandik, the journey that brought the aid was continued on foot. The main command post in Sinak District then walked for one day to Agandugume District and Lambewi District.

The assistance from the Government of Indonesia was brought by the Integrated Drought Prevention Team which had been formed with the support of local youth. The journey that took one day looked tiring to get to the 2 districts. Meanwhile, Willem said that around 7,000 local residents who were also affected by the drought had fled to Sinak, Ilaga, Timika, and Nabire districts. Not only the drought disaster that hit the Cendrawasih Earth, thousands of residents were also forced to flee as a result of the extreme cold weather in Indonesia at this time, the temperature even reached -9 degrees Celsius from the usual normal temperature of +4 degrees Celsius.

Even worse, there is no rain at this time, so the plants rot quickly, even to the point of death. It’s not just plants, their livestock also died. In the end, the remaining animals had to be slaughtered to become food for the people because there was no other choice, both of which have become a serious problem in the land of Papua.

It didn’t stop there, the local community also began to suffer from various diseases such as diarrhea, due to a lack of clean water, because there was no rain and they were experiencing drought. Puncak Regent Willem Wandik has also said that his residents now need food the most, but no one has guaranteed whether the plane will enter safely or not. In fact, airlines cannot enter the area there. Willem also explained that there was an airport in Agandugume that had been built and paved, but after the pilot was arrested, the aid could not land in Agandugume immediately.

The various shootings traumatized pilots and airlines. Because of this, in the end, the aid was only collected as far as the Sinak District and then taken on foot to other districts. It is clear that this cruel act carried out by KST Papua is detrimental to the Eastern Region which hinders government support, both in terms of distributing aid, to in terms of the development that has been planned. In fact, the Government of Indonesia has made many plans to grow the Papua region into a province that can later compete with other provinces, but the actions of KST Papua have actually hampered the growth and development of Papua.

Egianus Kogoya and his gang who are members of KST Papua should have realized that this action was very, very wrong, because it would make life and people in the Eastern Region more difficult. The actions he has intensified are not just once or twice, but have indeed been doing the same thing over and over again since 2017. It is very clear that this is no longer an ordinary act, but has entered the level of a crime that must be prosecuted.

They have claimed many victims, especially innocent civilians who have become easy targets for this brutal separatist and terrorism group. On the other hand, the Indonesian government has moved as much as possible to handle this case so that it can prosper the people of Papua.

However, these efforts and efforts apparently were hindered by KST Papua which only cared about their selfishness, and even carried out brutal attacks, such as shootings to the level of murder.

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