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Lukas Enembe Don’t Abuse the Papuan People


By : Timothy Gobay )*

Lukas Enembe has been questioned by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) at his residence. However, he should not abuse the Papuan people to protect him from being taken forcibly. His actions to seek the sympathy of the people are very sad, because he has stolen state money that should be used for the benefit of the people.

Since September 2022, the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, has been named a suspect in corruption and gratuity cases. Many people are surprised because so far he has been known as an outstanding official, he has even been named the biggest stadium in Papua. But in reality, Lukas was proven to be corrupt, and even the money from corruption was spent at the gambling table at a leading casino in Singapore.

When Lukas Enembe became a suspect, there were people in Papua who still did not believe that he was corrupt. This situation was taken advantage of by Lukas’ legal team who spread propaganda, that the Luke case was related to politics because there were parties who wanted to replace his position as the number 1 person in the Papua Province. In the end, the people became hostile, some cursed Luke and some defended him fiercely.

Lukas Enembe was asked not to abuse the innocence of the Papuan people and completely deceive them. Papuan politician Haris Yoku stated that Lukas Enembe should not hide behind the Papuan people. However, he must have a big heart like the previous governor (Barnabas Suebu). Luke should have stood before the people and obeyed the legal process.

In a sense, Lukas Enembe should not use the Papuan people as shields, because since his status as a corruption suspect, the residents who are his sympathizers have turned into his house guards. The number of people on guard reached hundreds of people and they were present up to a radius of 15 meters from his private residence in the Koya Tengah area, Jayapura City, Papua.

Indeed, when KPK chairman Firli Bahuri and other investigators examined Lukas Enembe, the mob was still gathering around Lukas’ house. They didn’t act anarchist at all. It could be that the crowd is calm because Firli is accompanied by the Head of the Papua Regional Police, Inspector General Mathius Fahiri.

However, Lukas Enembe is still guilty of abusing the Papuan people and influencing them to defend him. He understands that the people of Papua have always loved him, because he has been given scholarships and other facilities. However, the people did not realize that the money that Lukas corrupted was far more than the nominal scholarship, and he was proven guilty for taking what was not rightfully his.           

Don’t let the people continue to stand guard around Lukas Enembe’s house because it will hinder the KPK’s performance while in Papua, or when there is a pick-up later when he has been sentenced to at least 4 years in prison (according to the Criminal Code). If there are still Papuans, they are worried that there will be riots, because many carry traditional weapons. The KPK is trying hard so that there are no victims with Papuan status.

Lukas Enembe should have realized that because of this case many Papuans have suffered losses. First, the people lose because the money that should be used for development in Cendrawasih Land is stolen and used for extravagance by renting private jets and gambling abroad. Second, the Papuans don’t work at all because they guard around Lukas’ house for 2 months.

Imagine if a family head didn’t even work at all because he was busy defending his governor. How will the survival of his children and wife be if he does not make a living. This will be very detrimental, especially if the child is still a baby. The people of Papua will be even more miserable because of the propaganda that was deliberately spread by Lukas cs.

There are allegations that the people who stand guard around the Papuan house are receiving payment, because previously there was a demonstration on behalf of the people and it turns out that they wanted to come forward because they were given envelopes. Once again the people are being fooled because they are abused, they are willing to be given money to defend the wrong people. Indeed, everyone needs money, but don’t be dark-eyed and receive from sources that are not true.

Meanwhile, Zaenur Rohman, Researcher from the Center for Anti-Corruption Studies at Gadjah Mada University, stated that the people defend Papua Governor Lukas Enembe because he is a figure with strong influence. Another reason is the legal awareness of citizens who are still lacking, thus defending corruption suspects.

In that sense, citizens may have less legal awareness or perhaps be too innocent. Lukas Enembe took advantage of this situation so that he sought sympathy and reasoned that the case was only a political trap from those who wanted to seize his position. In fact, this is not the case, because the case is pure corruption and gratification, not politics.

Lukas Enembe was asked not to abuse the trust and sympathy of the people, then  play victim . Don’t pretend to be sick and then blame many people, even though he himself is guilty of being determined to steal people’s money. Papuans have suffered a lot of losses, therefore they should act manly and surrender to the KPK.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Gorontalo

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