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Lukas Enembe Must Face Legal Proceedings


By : Alfred Jigibalom )*

Papuan Governor Lukas Enembe must face legal proceedings and take responsibility for his mistakes. This attitude is necessary considering that Luke is a public official who must set a good example to the community.

Lukas Enembe’s case is still protracted because he is still hiding in his house on the grounds of illness. The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has issued 2 calls but he ignored them. Lukas’ legal team also continued to protect, even calling doctors from Singapore, to prove that Lukas was so seriously ill that he could not fly to Jakarta.

The public became furious that Luke would not respect the legal process. The Deputy Head of the Youth and Children Department of the Indonesian Bethel Church of Papua Province, Isac Imbiri, stated that Lukas as a leader must be ready to face the KPK against bribery and corruption cases. Instead of avoiding it by making far-fetched opinions, such as holding an examination in an open room.

In a sense, Lukas had to be manly by coming to the KPK Building. If he refuses the summons, then it is tantamount to disrespecting the legal process. Whereas as an official, he should understand how the law works and respect the process. But instead he acted as he pleased himself.

Lukas’ case was also not finished because he asked for an examination in an open room. Although it has never been recorded in history, there is an examination like this. What is the examination openly for? This means that he does not respect the law and does not believe in the performance of KPK investigators.

If there is an examination in an open room, there are many Papuans watching it. Does Luke ask for their protection? He should be law-savvy and not ask for anything like that. The legal process had to go on, and he instead slowed it down by pretending to be sick.

Isac Imbiri also rejected the assertion that Lukas Enembe was the chief of a large Papuan tribe, as the post never existed. The inauguration of the chieftain of the great tribe of the land of Papua is very unreasonable. The post of chief is hereditary and there is no such thing as a big chief, because above the chieftain there is only God.

Lukas seemed to want to show his power that in addition to serving as governor of Papua, he was also a large chieftain, who was in charge of other chiefs. Even though the position is only his own essay. Even though for example he is a chieftain, if he is caught in a case, he must still obey the legal process and undergo an investigation.

Then, the community was also furious because Lukas’ legal team requested that the governor’s examination use customary law, not state law. In fact, the case is corruption and does not concern any customs, so it cannot be replaced with customary law. Maybe he thought that in this way, it is enough to give money and goods as a fine, no need to be imprisoned.

In the RKUHP, it is stated that customary law can apply, but not in cases of corruption. How can a corruptor be linked to custom? The correlation is far away.

Meanwhile, a Criminal Law Expert from Al Azhar University in Indonesia, Prof. Suparji Ahmad, stated that as a citizen and state organizer, Lukas Enembe should obey the law. Lukas’ suspect status is valid because he has at least 2 pieces of evidence. He should have been cooperative and fulfilled the KPK’s call.

In a sense, as Governor, Luke should have obeyed the law, because he was a provincial leader. He is obliged to set an example to the Papuan people, not to set a bad example. If the governor is absent, then the people are automatically severely disappointed, because the leader turns out to be a coward.

Luke did not want to be called and did not want to be picked up forcibly, even though according to the law, after 2 times he was absent, he would be forcibly picked up. He did not feel guilty and did not want to face the legal process, so the people were even more furious. So how can the case be solved if he is like this?

Later, Lukas’ wife and son were also absent from the KPK’s call, and they did so on the advice of his legal team. They are currently serving as witnesses and the KPK needs more information about the corruption and gratification committed by Lukas Enembe.

The personal account of Luke’s wife, Yulce Wenda, has already been frozen. This was done because it was alleged that he was enjoying the flow of corruption funds. While Luke’s account also had the same fate, and what is surprising is that there are more than 70 billion rupiah in it. This further shows that Lukas committed corruption, because his salary was only around 3 million rupiah.

Lukas Enembe was not allowed to stand idly by and pretended to be sick, until he invited a team of doctors from Singapore to his home. He should have been brave and faced legal proceedings with the manly. If there is a forced pick-up from the KPK, it is also not allowed to mobilize the masses.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Bali

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