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Many Parties Support Rocky Gerung’s Legal Process


By : Elisabeth Titania Dionne )* 

Many parties support President Jokowi in processing Rocky Gerung after the statement he made. Allegedly the statement had crossed the line to be considered an insult to President Joko Widodo, which offended some people. However, President Joko Widodo himself has not paid any heed to this because he is focused on his more important work.

Rocky Gerung’s expression through his statement which was considered insulting to the figure of President Joko Widodo some time ago, many parties stated that Bung Rocky’s statement had gone too far or crossed the line and was inappropriate to make. This support came from all walks of life, from community organizations, traditional leaders to party leaders.

Deputy Chairperson of Gerindra Habibiruokhman considered that the statement that came out of the mouth of an academic background was inappropriate and inappropriate to say. Knowing this, the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) did not remain silent and immediately reported the academic for alleged slander and fake news related to his statements against President Joko Widodo.

The team from the Legal Aid and People’s Advocacy Agency DPP PDIP also added that the report was not a complaint offense, but allegations of slander and fake news submitted by academician Rocky Gerung. Indeed, some time ago Rocky’s sentence circulated which alluded to President Jokowi as a stupid bastard who was deemed inappropriate.

On the other hand, social media activist Chusnul Chotimah, who is also a Ganjar Pranowo loyalist, urged the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD and National Police Chief Gen. Listyo Sigit Prabowo to follow up on the statement that allegedly insulted President Jokowi. In fact, he firmly said that if there was no action they should just resign. According to Chusnul, this sentence went too far, because President Jokowi as the Head of State was considered insulted.

Not only a handful of people who want Rocky’s statement to be accounted for, the National Dayak Customary Council (MADN) and Dayak Customary Councils (DAD) throughout Indonesia have also firmly stated this statement through demonstrations. They objected to the statement of the man with an academic background, so they asked the police to immediately arrest him and take firm action through the applicable legal process. Apart from being considered insulting to President Jokowi, the sentence uttered by Rocky Gerung was also considered insulting to the National Capital of the Archipelago (IKN). They staged a demonstration in front of the National Police Headquarters, South Jakarta. It can be seen that the action was attended by a number of people, namely MADN and Dayak mass organizations in Jakarta, such as the Jakarta Dayak Customary Council (DAD) and DAD representatives from Central Kalimantan (Central Kalimantan), DAD West Kalimantan (West Kalimantan),

MADgN felt offended by this statement which was considered to have hurt the Indigenous Dayak people themselves regarding the scathing criticism conveyed by Rocky Gerung regarding President Joko Widodo’s plan to go to China to offer IKN. In fact, they considered that Rocky’s speech did not have a good statement, because his criticisms contained many words that were inappropriate, inappropriate, contrary to customs and ethics. In fact, the Dayak Indigenous People gave President Jokowi a customary title as MAD Leader entitled ‘Raja Haring Hatungu Tungket Langit’ which means, a king who is wise, prudent, virtuous, and prioritizes the interests of the people in every decision he makes. 

MADN also asked the National Police Headquarters to immediately follow up on this statement and carry out legal proceedings against Rocky Gerung. Not without reason, the statement was deemed provoking and contained hate speech against the head of state of Indonesia, namely President Joko Widodo. As a result of Rocky’s scathing criticism, it created uproar and public unrest. However, the public is expected not to be provoked and to maintain the unity and integrity of Indonesia.

Responding to this, President Jokowi prefers not to pay much attention to small things like that. At this time, he emphasized that he would focus on important matters related to his work. Just like the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD also ensured that President Jokowi still has no plans to seriously respond to the legal realm for the alleged insult leveled by Bung Rocky, even though there are indeed many who support him to immediately make a report.

Many parties support President Jokowi in reporting Rocky Gerung’s statement, but he himself has yet to make a report and has other more important activities. As additional information, several representatives of Jokowi’s volunteers had previously reported Rocky Gerung to the Bareskrim Polri, however clarification was needed from the party concerned, namely President Jokowi who felt disadvantaged to report it directly.

)* The author is a Gelora Media Institute Contributor

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