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Obstacles to the Distribution of Social Assistance, KST Papua Must Be Taken Firmly


Papua – The distribution of food aid to the people of Papua who are experiencing a drought has the potential to be hampered by disturbances to the security of the Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST). Therefore, the community firmly supports the Security Forces to not hesitate to take firm action against this group.

The KST gang continues to terrorize and not only harm the Government, but also the Indigenous Papuan people (OAP) as a whole. Even though currently the people in several districts in Papua are experiencing a drought, so that efforts to distribute food aid that the Government intends to carry out for the community have been greatly disrupted, especially in the Agandugume District and Lambewi District, Puncak Regency, Central Papua.

Regarding this matter, Papua Police Chief Inspector General Mathius D. Fakhiri said the two districts were classified as vulnerable because they were included in the KST crossing areas in three districts, namely Puncak, Puncak Jaya and Lanny Jaya. Therefore, his party does not want the delivery process to be disrupted by security disturbances.

This is because assistance to the people in the two districts can only be done on foot or by using a small plane. In addition, there are no security posts in the area. Reflecting on this situation, the Papua Regional Police Chief said that mobilizing residents in the disaster area to the Sinak District was the most feasible solution.

It cannot be denied, currently the people in Puncak Regency really need assistance with food. This is because the area is currently being hit by the disaster of a very extreme drought. Of course, the drought has made the food supply owned by residents in Puncak Regency very depleted and they are threatened with starvation due to a lack of food supply.

The extreme drought has also made it very difficult for people in the region to be able to meet their daily needs. So, in such difficult conditions, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia itself has tried very quickly to provide assistance to the residents there.

However, it turns out that efforts to provide assistance sent by the government via Smart Air airplane flights carrying food supplies to provide assistance for extreme drought disasters for the people of Puncak Regency were actually hindered by the barbaric actions of KST Papua.

The distribution of aid, which should have gone smoothly, well and safely, now had to be hampered because a separatist group led by Egianus Kogoya took hostages for a New Zealand pilot, and they also shot at a Smart Air plane.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, the distribution of food aid cannot be carried out other than through air transportation because access to these locations and areas is very difficult to reach if forced by land route is certainly not possible.

Then, there is a sense of trauma experienced by the pilots as the party responsible for controlling air transportation trying to get the plane to go to the Papua region. They admit that they have their own sense of trauma because they reflect on the barbaric acts that are being carried out by KST Papua.

So it is very clear that the pilots feel that there could be a threat or potential risk to their safety and security if, for example, they are forced to fly to Tanah Papua because of the separatist gang which can continue to threaten in an unpredictable manner.

All the brutal acts that have been continuously carried out by separatist and terrorist groups in Bumi Cenderawasih, starting from how they set fire to the plane, taking the pilot hostage to shooting at the plane are certainly very threatening and worrying.

In fact, the Government itself has made the best possible and optimal efforts, namely by repairing, building and asphalting the airport (Airport) in Agandugume just to be able to distribute food aid to residents in Puncak Regency who are facing an extreme drought.

However, with the many series of incidents and violence that continues to be perpetrated by the separatist gang in Bumi Cenderawasih, the bad effects have been so long-lasting that it has seriously hampered the fast-paced efforts made by the Government of Indonesia in order to provide care for the indigenous Papuan people (OAP).

Meanwhile, even though they have been disturbed in such a way since the series of attacks carried out by KST Papua and related to planes, pilots or the world of aviation, the government will not just sit idly by watching its people face difficulties.

Puncak Regent Millem Wandik stated that currently the government has carried out construction of the main aid post located in the Sinak District. Not only that, but the government has also formed an integrated team on disaster prevention.

Even though obstacles after obstacles continued to occur and were of course caused by a series of heinous and barbaric acts from KST Papua, the Indonesian Government did not just sit idly by and continued to try and make every effort to provide as much relief and assistance as possible to the people of Puncak Regency who were facing a disaster. extreme drought.

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