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Papuan People Appreciate Apkam’s Take Firm Action against KST Papua


By : Manuel Bonay )*

Currently, the government, through the security forces, continues to make serious efforts to take firm action against Papuan KST members who commit criminal acts. Security forces continue to try to uncover and arrest Papuan KST members who are involved in attacks on security forces and civilians, murders, kidnappings and other negative activities.

The Papuan people strongly condemn all brutal actions and movements of the Papuan KST, because they have damaged the foundations of harmony and peace in Papua. Therefore, the people in Papua fully support every effort made by the government through the security forces to take firm action against KST Papua, which is the source of chaos in the land of Papua.

To eradicate Papuan KST, joint TNI and Polri officers continue to use various methods to narrow their movement in vulnerable areas of Papua. One of them is carrying out patrols at a number of points, including in the Bintang Mountains Regency.

Most recently, the Cartenz Peace Operations Task Force Team succeeded in paralyzing five Papuan KST members in the Bintang Mountains Regency. The five KST members were paralyzed because they often caused trouble and disturbed the Papuan people during this time.

Head of the TNI Information Center (Kapuspen), Rear Admiral Julius Widjojono, said that the five members of the Papuan Separatist Terrorist Group (KSTP) who were shot dead in Serambakon District, Bintang Mountains, Papua Mountains, were involved in the murder of Brimob members and robbing indigenous Papuans (OAP). Apart from that, the KST Papua member has also been involved in various security disturbances and criminal acts since early 2023.

One of the KST members who was shot dead was Jen Aloka Taplo alias Dodi. This figure has a long history of criminal activity. Jen Aloka Taplo alias Dodi is a member of KST Kodap XV Ngalum Kupel led by Lamek Alepki Taplo. After Kodap XXXV Bintang Timur was formed, Jen Aloka Taplo joined as a member of KST Kodap XXXV Bintang Timur.

Jen Aloka Taplo was involved in a number of shootings, burning of public facilities and the murder of a nun in Kiwirok District in September 2021. Jen Aloka Taplo was also involved in the stabbing of a motorbike taxi driver in Mangabib Village, Oksebang District, in December 2022. Furthermore, Jen Aloka Taplo was also involved in shooting and burning public facilities in Oksibil District in January 2023.

Apart from shooting five Papuan KST members, the Cartenz Peace Task Force Team also confiscated three firearms (senpi). The three rifles confiscated consisted of various types. There are SS1, USA Nouves, and FN short-barreled rifles. Apart from rifles, the evidence that was seized was a Morning Star flag, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, five magazines and several HT (handy talky) communication devices and cellphones.

Meanwhile, Commander of the Joint Defense Region III Command, Lt. Gen. TNI Richard TH Tampubolon said that after the paralysis of five KST Papua members, the situation in the Papua Mountains’ Bintang Mountains (Pegubin) region, especially Selarambakon District and Oksibil District, was reported to be gradually conducive and safe. People can now carry out normal activities as before. Apart from that, with the support of all components of society for the firm steps taken by the security forces, it is time for KST Papua to stop violent propaganda. KST Papua must also stop threatening the community at gunpoint, and no longer rob them of development results under the pretext of the struggle for independence.

On the other hand, development in Papua is currently continuing to be accelerated. There have been many concrete actions taken by the central government, even President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has paid great attention to the land of Papua. This is proven by the massive development in Papua and President Jokowi also visits Papua very often, even in remote villages. Now is the time for all Papuan people to focus on hard work, working together, to gain independence, overcome backwardness, and eradicate poverty to create prosperity in the land of Papua. Apart from that, all Papuan people want peace and we are focused on supporting development.

Accelerating Papua’s welfare development is one of the government’s focuses in encouraging equal distribution of prosperity and ensuring security in the Land of Papua. Several incidents of violence that occurred between the Papuan Separatist Terrorist Group (KSTP) and security forces and civil society prompted the government to make special efforts to handle them. For this reason, in dealing with KST Papua, the government is preparing strategic steps in the hope that the KST Papua issue can be handled well

The existence of the Papuan Separatist Terrorist Group (KSTP) is a frightening terror for the Papuan people. They cannot carry out activities freely like ordinary citizens. At all times they must be alert to the appearance of KST Papua who could take hostages or burn down their houses.

It is time for KST Papua to realize that the Papuan people are completely independent after joining Indonesia and gaining special autonomy. In addition, the Papuan people hope that there will be no more acts of brutal violence committed by KST Papua, and support the security forces’ firm steps in dealing with KST Papua.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Yogyakarta

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