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Papuan Students Support the Investigation of the Lukas Enembe Case


By : Rebecca Marian )*

The appointment of Lukas Enembe as a suspect in the corruption and gratuity case has tarnished the reputation of the Papuan people. Therefore, the people of Papua, including students, fully support the investigation of this case. The students were very disappointed because Lukas Enembe had previously often distributed scholarships to Papuan sons, but he also secretly committed corruption.

Since taking office as Governor of Papua in 2013, Lukas Enembe has been known as an outstanding official. He promised to develop Papua so that it would not be left behind by other regions in Indonesia. Lukas also distributes scholarships for outstanding students and students. Even his name was used as the name of the newest stadium in Papua.

However, his good image was damaged instantly because he was proven to have committed corruption and gratuity. The Papuan people feel very disappointed and ashamed because the governor who was once proud of, apparently stole people’s money. The students were also angry because they were able to attend college thanks to the special autonomy scholarship funds given by Lukas, but he was corrupt, and there were allegations that he also took most of the special autonomy funds.

The Forum of Students Concerned about the Development of the Land of Papua held an action to support the KPK in its investigation into the Lukas Enembe case. Demonstrations were held around the horse statue, and the masses moved toward the KPK’s Red and White Building. 

Charles Kossay, as the action coordinator, stated that the Papuan students were ready to accompany the KPK in carrying out its investigation into the Lukas Enembe case. The students are not afraid to reveal corruption cases in Papua (even though those who do it are high-ranking officials).

In a sense, even though the students are native Papuans, they do not defend Lukas Enembe. His conscience is still firm on the truth and does not want Indonesia to be damaged because of corruptors. Students are ready to oversee the Lukas Enembe case so that it is resolved, until he finally takes responsibility for his mistakes in the penitentiary.

It is only natural that students support the KPK in the investigation into the Lukas Enembe case. The reason is, they are very disappointed because Lukas is corrupt in the special autonomy fund (otsus). In fact, if there is no corruption, it is possible that there will be more students and students who will receive special autonomy scholarships. However, because of corruption, the scholarship quota has decreased.

The students were angry because Lukas Enembe was corrupt, even though he was trusted to be Governor of Papua for almost 2 terms. Why did he steal state money that should belong to the people? If the money that should be channeled for the development of Ppaua is corrupted, then the progress of the life of the Papuan people will stagnate, and may even experience a setback.

Moreover, Lukas Enembe was proven to have gambled at a casino abroad and was suspected of using money obtained from corruption. State money is spent on the gambling table, even though it should be channeled to people in need. The money should have been used to build health and educational facilities, but it could have been wasted when he lost gambling at the casino.

Charles Kossay added that the students also urged all parties in Papua to exercise restraint and not be affected by the Lukas Enembe case. They want peaceful Papua and no horizontal conflict. In a sense, there shouldn’t be divisions in Papua because of the Lukas Enembe case.

During this time society was divided into two parties. There were those who defended Lukas and there were those who demanded that the authorities immediately arrest Lukas and then jail him. Do not let the two sides fight and eventually lead to riots and bloodshed. 

Papua is a peaceful region and Lukas Enembe as governor should be aware of this. Do not let the people of Cendrawasih Earth become victims because of the enmity resulting from the Lukas Enembe case. If he  is a gentleman  then he must admit his mistake and then surrender himself to the KPK.

Meanwhile, Papuan traditional elder Yanto Eluay also supports the KPK’s move in the Lukas Enembe case. Even though Lukas is currently ill, he believes the KPK will do the best way (to resolve the case).

In a sense, not only students, Papuan traditional leaders also fully support the KPK in investigating the Lukas Enembe case to its conclusion. Even though Lukas is their governor, his status cannot be above the law. He must be held responsible for his mistakes and accept whatever punishment is given by the judge.

Lukas Enembe cannot evade this because the KPK already has a lot of evidence and witnesses. The KPK has also been conducting investigations into the Lukas corruption case since 2017. Evidence also increased when the KPK conducted a search at Lukas’ house in Jakarta, in the form of cash and gold bars. It is clear that the money came from corruption because Lukas’ salary does not reach Rp. 15,000,000.

The students fully support the KPK in resolving the Lukas Enembe case. As governor he should have obeyed the law and surrendered to the KPK, not pretending to be sick. Students want Lukas to be manly and admit all his mistakes. They were disappointed because Lukas was corrupt in the special autonomy funds which should have been used for the advancement of the Papuan people.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Jakarta

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