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Papuan tribal chiefs encourage KST to surrender and return to NKRI


By : Rebecca Marian )*

Tribal chiefs in Papua are antipasti against KST (Separatist and Terrorist Group) and advise their leaders to surrender. They must return to the Republic of Indonesia and stop the rebellion. Papua is part of Indonesia and cannot be contested, and there is no such thing as independence for Papua.

The beauty of Papua is very well known throughout the world, and Raja Ampat is one of the favorite tourist destinations for international tourists. But tourism on Cendrawasih Earth can be disrupted by security factors, due to disturbances from KST. They arbitrarily carry out terror and disturb civilians to the point of fear.

Security issues are indeed homework in Papua. So far, there has been collaboration in securing the people of Cendrawasih Earth. In addition to the role of the security forces, community leaders are also trying hard to prevent Papuans from being exposed to KST.

In conversations with residents, a tribal leader from the Sota District, Yeremia conveyed a special message to KST Papua and firmly rejected the existence of this separatist group. The message was addressed to Egianus Kogoya, Yotam Bugiangge and friends.

Jeremiah’s conversation with the citizens became popular. In a video that has been widely circulated, Yeremia can be seen speaking firmly in front of his citizens, rejecting the existence of KST Papua. Yeremia also invited KST Papua to surrender and return to the auspices of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

Yeremia expressed his deepest gratitude for the assistance provided by BIN and the TNI-Polri. Furthermore, he appealed to Papua KST members to immediately surrender and return to the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Yeremia hopes that all Papuan KST members who are in border areas, from cities to islands and mountains, will return to the government of the Republic of Indonesia. Hope Egianus Kogoya and other KST leaders will listen to this appeal from the tribal chief. They should obey because Papuans are known to respect and obey the orders of the chief.

Egianus Kogoya and other KST members should imitate the Chief of Staff of the Army for the Liberation of West Papua (TNP-PB) – affiliated with KST, Alex Ruyaweri Yessi Makabori, who sincerely returned to the Republic of Indonesia. Alex surrendered and kissed the red and white flag as a sign of returning to the Republic of Indonesia.

Alex declared his return to Indonesia at the Jayapura Police. Alex’s return to Indonesia was accompanied by a position statement, submission of TPN-PB documents, 20 bullets and a striped shirt. 

Alex returned to the Republic of Indonesia at the request of his son, Erik Makabri. Previously at TPN-PB he held a 3-star title, so his ‘rank’ there was quite high. In that sense, if he returns to the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia it is a good thing because it is possible that his followers will follow his steps. 

Apart from tribal chiefs, religious leaders also urged KST members to return to the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. Papua Police Chief Inspector General Pol Mathius D Fahiri stated that he asked religious leaders to take a role in providing an understanding of KST.

Mathius added that the involvement of religious leaders could minimize conflicts, so that separatist and terrorist groups would no longer disturb civilians and security forces in Cendrawasih Land. On the contrary, they helped develop Papua. The role of religious leaders is very important because if they continue to be approached, KST will realize and repent.

The role of religious leaders in eradicating KST is indeed very important because they are highly respected by Papuans, both civilians and those with status as members of rebel groups. If there is a religious figure having heart-to-heart dialogue, KST members will not dare to take up arms, because they have a high status in society. They appreciate the character.

If religious leaders want to cooperate in approaching KST, it is hoped that many KST members will repent and then surrender to security forces. KST members will be touched by the approach of religious leaders and then realize that their actions were wrong, because they have hurt the hearts and bodies of their own tribesmen. Even though their initial intention was prosperity by means of defection but instead it ended in violence.

There should be no rebellion because the fact is that currently the situation in Papua is modern and prosperous thanks to the equitable distribution of development during President Jokowi’s administration. This was discussed by religious leaders in front of KST members.

Tribal chiefs in Papua pushed KST to surrender and return to the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. They are guaranteed safety when they come to the Polres and will not be subjected to violence. When surrendering and kissing the red and white flag as a sign of loyalty to Indonesia, the former KST member was also helped to get a job and start a new life.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Jakarta

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