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Strict Actions of KST Papua Supporting Officials


By : Alfred Jigibalom )*

The existence of KST is very dangerous for the people of Papua because they can attack at any time. Therefore, everyone is advised not to support KST, because it is tantamount to being a traitor to the country. If any officials are found to be helping KST, they will be dealt with strictly and given punishment according to the rules.

So far, KST has always made trouble and harmed the people of Papua. They don’t just terrorize by showing off their firearms. But they also attacked blindly until there were injuries, even fatalities. Therefore, the apparatus continues to secure Papua by eradicating KST, so that the community does not become the next victim.

One of the ways to eradicate KST is to cut off the flow of funds going to the separatist group. There are allegations of several unscrupulous officials who have been helping KST by providing money, either in cash or by transfer. This money was used by KST to buy firearms as well as for survival costs in the forest during the guerrillas.

Papua Police Chief Inspector General Mathius D Fahiri stated that he would prosecute government officials and the public who assisted the OPM or KST led by Egianus Kogoya. He is not playing games and has given a warning. But they still support KST by giving money. Therefore it will be checked.

Egianus Kogoya is one of the KST leaders who is responsible for burning the plane and kidnapping the Susi Air pilot. Currently, the authorities are tracing the Nduga area in the framework of the mission to free the foreign pilot. The National Police will coordinate with the TNI and the Carstensz Damai Task Force to assist in the arrest of the hostage takers and the rescue of the pilot.

Indonesia is a country of laws and everyone must obey the law, including officials. The law is not only sharp downwards but also upwards. In a sense, even if a high-ranking official is involved in a case (for helping KST as a funder), he must undergo a legal process and obey orders from the authorities.

Meanwhile, the Cartenz Peaceful Law Enforcement Task Force arrested the Head of the Kenyam District, Nduga Regency, Papua Mountains, with the initials MM (37). He is suspected of being a supplier of firearms and ammunition to the armed criminal group (KKB).

Dansatgas Damai Cartenz Kombes Faizal Rahmadani confirmed the arrest. He stated that the arrest was made last April, and is currently still being investigated. Meanwhile, the arrest of MM was carried out because previously there were indications of his involvement in helping to fund KST for the Nduga region to purchase weapons and ammunition.

The Damai Cartenz law enforcement task force is still processing the case involving MM. This case will be investigated and guaranteed no discrimination. Do not just because he is an official so he does not want to comply with the legal process. 

The law in Indonesia has been applied firmly, not sharply downwards but bluntly upwards, alias only applies to the common people. Even an official, if guilty, is obliged to be held accountable for his actions and comply with the ongoing legal process.

As an official, he should set a good example for the people of Papua, to always obey the law in Indonesia. However, he instead set a negative example by helping KST as a funder, so it was very unfortunate.

Meanwhile, tracing the source of funds and sources of firearms owned by KST continues. A supplier of firearms was arrested in Puncak Regency, Papua. The man named Neson Murib was caught with evidence in the form of 370 million rupiah. This arrest is a good start, because from Neson’s confession it can be traced to what weapons were used by KST and the authorities can anticipate it earlier.

When the suppliers are caught, it remains only to investigate who the funders are, because the price of smuggled firearms is very high. Logically, KST didn’t have that kind of money to buy it themselves. When Murib was arrested, it was revealed that the money he was carrying came from village funds that were misused by elements.

Allegedly, the funders did not like it when there was an special autonomy in Papua, therefore they supported KST with the excuse that they wanted to thwart it. Even though this program is very good for the progress of the Papuan people, selfish individuals even want to overthrow it and instead support separatism.

After Murib was arrested and interrogated, the suspected funder appeared, namely an official in the Tolikari area. The official has not yet been arrested because the authorities are currently gathering other evidence and witnesses. Hopefully the performance of the apparatus will improve and reveal who the real perpetrators are.

The apparatus will take action against officials who are proven to have helped KST by providing financial assistance. They will be held accountable for their mistakes before the judges and receive harsh punishments. As officials they should protect the people, but instead support the KST which terrorizes Papuans.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Bali

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