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The Case of Lukas Enembe Disturbs the Interests of the Papuan People


By: Rebecca Marian)*

Papua Governor Lukas Enembe is still absent from the summons of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and prefers to stay at his house. The protracted case of Lukas Enembe not only hinders the process of eradicating corruption but also hinders the interests of the Papuan people.

Lukas Enembe always reasoned that he had a heart disease and stroke, so he could not come to fulfill the KPK’s summons. Even though his case was very serious because he was proven to have committed a criminal act of corruption and received gratuities worth hundreds of billions of rupiah. According to the rules, a person who is called by the KPK and is absent up to 2 times will be forced to pick up.

However, until now Lukas Enembe has not been forcibly picked up. Moreover, there were Papuans who became Luke’s sympathizers and guarded around his house for more than a month. They were afraid that Lukas would actually be picked up by the KPK. If forced then the risk is bloodshed and very worrying. But Luke himself never thought like that, and instead chose to stay in his own house.

If Lukas Enembe is sick for more than a month, he automatically does not come to work and the governor’s position is vacant. Though this is dangerous because it can cause a lot of bad things. Starting from the slowness of community service, the difficulty of administration, and the delay in Papua’s development projects. All of this will harm the interests of the people on Earth of Cendrawasih.

Public services for the Papuan people have been greatly disrupted due to the vacancy of the governor’s seat. This made the people nervous because Lukas Enembe never came to the office, and did not know when he would recover. Therefore, it is necessary to take action so that there is no chaos at the Papua Provincial Government office while Lukas Enembe is sick.

Esau Tegai, a Papuan community leader, stated that the Papua Province needed an interim governor to replace Lukas Enembe. The goal is that public services are not disrupted and the wheels of government run well, so as not to harm the interests of the Papuan people.

Esau added that an interim governor was needed because currently Papua Province does not have a Deputy Governor, because the previous deputy governor (Klemen Tinal) died a year ago. Usually if the governor is absent, his deputy will be replaced, but the two official seats are both vacant, even though his position is very crucial.

In a sense, the appointment of an interim governor is very urgent because public services have been hampered since Lukas Enembe declared himself a stroke, so he is not strong enough to work at the Papua Provincial Government office. President Jokowi should appoint Papuan officials to replace Luke Enembe’s position, so that the services of the Papuan people are not disrupted.

Who deserves to be the acting governor? Unpredictable because it is the prerogative of President Jokowi. However, usually an official figure in the Papua Province is chosen, so that they understand the intricacies of the office and understand how to serve the community well.

If there is an interim governor, the services of the Papuan people will not be disrupted, because they can get the signature of the provincial leader which is considered valid, even though his position is temporary. Then, if there is a development project in Papua, it will run smoothly because there is a directive from the interim governor, along with the disbursement of funds. People on Earth of Cendrawasih no longer suffer.

Meanwhile, Papuan community leader Alex Makabori stated that the central government should not only focus on taking care of Lukas Enembe’s health. But also take care of the development of the welfare of the Papuan people. Therefore a caretaker is needed , who can temporarily replace Luke’s duties.

Alex added that so far, public services at the governor’s office could not be maximized when Lukas was on sick leave. However, when there is a caretaker , it will have a positive impact because the community can directly meet the interim governor. Who knows they really need an autograph from him.

If the governor’s seat remains vacant then there will be various concerns. First, the coordination of Papua’s development will be difficult, because no one directs it. Second, development funds will be difficult to disburse, because there is no signature of the governor. While the third, public services will be slower and detrimental to the people.

The Papuan people want to immediately appoint a caretaker alias temporary governor, so that their interests are not disturbed when Lukas Enembe becomes seriously ill. It doesn’t matter who becomes the interim governor, the important thing is that he has the capability and can protect the Papuan people well.

When Lukas Enembe refuses to continue his legal case, there will be long-term effects. His case was never resolved and he feigned illness for more than a month. During that time he did not go to the Papua Provincial Government office and as a result his community services were neglected. Therefore, it takes a temporary official to replace his position, so that the Papuan people are not confused when going to take care of the administration.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Jakarta

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