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The Public Must Respect Lukas Enembe’s Examination


By : Rebecca Marian )*

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has visited and questioned the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, at his home. The public is also asked to respect the legal process so that the process of eradicating corruption can be upheld.

Theo Litaay as the Main Expert at the Presidential Staff Office (KSP) hopes that the Papuan people will respect all the legal processes currently facing Governor Lukas. According to him, now the government is trying to improve  good governance  both in Papua and throughout Indonesia. This is an effort aimed at improving clean and authoritative government.

            For this reason, Theo hopes that the people of Papua can play a role in escorting the case to completion.

            Based on information circulating, the KPK issued two subpoenas to Lukas Enembe, but it turned out that he did not comply with the summons at all and there has been no attempt to force him to pick him up.

            Theo hopes that the KPK can carry out an in-depth investigation of this case so that the case can be handled fairly without any political elements.

            Previously Aloysius Renwarin as Lawyer Lukas Enembe had confirmed that his client had received a summons from the KPK.

            Meanwhile, Papuan Religious Leaders have appealed to the people in the area not to hinder the process currently being faced by Governor Lukas Enembe.

            Pastor Alberth Yoku said the alleged corruption case involving Governor Lukas Enembe was the personal responsibility of the number one person in Papua Province.

            According to Alberth, the Chairperson of the Jayapura Regency Religious Communication Forum (FKUB), his party appealed to the public not to provoke the legal process carried out by the KPK against Governor Lukas Enembe.

            He believes that the KPK will act professionally towards Governor Lukas Enembe, as the anti-corruption agency has shown against regional heads (Regents) in the Papua region who have been involved in corruption cases.

            He explained that law enforcement efforts made against the Governor or the Regents in Papua were in accordance with the law, so they had to be processed according to existing procedures.

            He added that his party also hopes that community leaders must have a professional attitude and be accountable for everything they do and cooperate with law enforcement agencies in order to resolve legal cases.

            Apart from being cooperative, the community and leaders in Papua are also urged to continue to respect legal decisions and not to intervene so as not to make mistakes that incriminate the Governor or cause other polemics.

            Previously, the Papuan youth leader Martinus Kasuay also supported the efforts of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to resolve the alleged corruption case committed by Governor Lukas Enembe.

            Martinus said that it was only natural that anyone who was guilty should be given a criminal penalty, in accordance with the applicable legal process.

            The Barisan Merah Putih secretary also stated that the corruption case that ensnared Papua Governor Lukas Enembe was a personal case that had nothing to do with politicization or criminalization. The case is purely because it is related to the law.

            Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) also called for the arrest of Lukas Enembe, which considered that the legal process against Lukas Enembe by the KPK was too protracted. ICW also asked the KPK to act quickly.

            Meanwhile, Zaenur Rohman as a Researcher for Anti-Corruption Studies (Pukat) at Gadjah Mada University (UGM) asked the KPK to be firm in handling cases related to Lukas Enembe, Zaenur asked the KPK to force Enembe to pick him up if he did not fulfill the summons that had been sent.

            In addition, Zaenur also suggested that the KPK use a social approach by cooperating with local figures. The KPK must inform Enembe’s defenders that this is purely a legal process.     

            Papuan religious figure Ismail Asso invites the public to support law enforcement against Papua Governor Lukas Enembe by the Indonesian Corruption Eradication Committee.

            Ismail asked all parties to support the law enforcement process. The same support must also be given when the KPK wants to enforce the law against regents and other officials who are only suspected of being involved in corruption.

            The case that happened to Lukas Enembe ultimately opened a dark veil over the management of an area and its human resources, who should be trustworthy in carrying out their mandated positions.

            The public must respect the legal process against Lukas Enembe, if Lukas is innocent, of course Lukas will not be named a suspect.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Jakarta

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