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The Susi Air pilot was never released, the security forces managed to track down KST’s hideout


Until now, Pilot Susi Air Capt Philips Mark Mehrtrens has not been released by the Terrorist Separatist Group (KST) led by Egianus Kogoya. Despite being held hostage for several months, the New Zealand national pilot reportedly did not seem stressed. On the other hand, the Security Forces also managed to track down KST’s hideout and were ready to fight. Efforts to liberate them also continue to be carried out involving the local government, not military operations which are widely interpreted.

Susi Pudjiastuti as the owner of Susi Air was angry about the hostage taking of the pilot by KST Papua. This anger was vented when communicating via telephone with Pastor Karel Phil Erari. This anger was conveyed because KST never freed the hostages. Instead, they opened fire on TNI security forces to death in the midst of peace negotiations.

Through a recording, Pastor Phil initially asked Susi to convey a message to President Joko Widodo to withdraw all non-organic troops in Papua. Phil in his recording said that he asked the church leadership in the interior to act, his party would accompany them in talking to Egianus Kogoya to release Capt. Philips Mehrtrens.

Susi then responded to this statement while expressing surprise at the request for the withdrawal of TNI troops. He explained that the TNI troops fired upon by KST were evacuating troops, not attacking troops. On that occasion, Susi openly admitted that she was angry with the incident.

Susi claims that so far she has never done anything bad to the people of Papua. In fact, he helped the residents a lot, starting from providing food, medicine, to access to education. Moreover, Susi Air is an airline that serves pioneering flights in the eastern tip of Indonesia and has been serving flights for almost 20 years.

Phil, who is a Papuan Church figure, admitted that he was angry and ashamed because of KST’s actions which killed members of the TNI. He condolences to the family members of the soldiers who died in the mission to rescue Mehrens. After hearing the former Minister of Fisheries’ anger, Phil promised that his party would draw up a plan to hold a meeting with KST representatives. His party will also ask KST to release Philips Mehrtrens in a safe condition.

Meanwhile, the TNI Joint Task Force consisting of Combat Reconnaissance Platoon, Battalion 411 Kostrad, Eagle Task Force, supported by other officers from the Cartenz Police Peace Task Force succeeded in paralyzing the Terrorist Separatist Group (KST) headquarters in Matoa Village, Kenyam, the capital of Nduga Regency.

The ambush by the Task Force originated from the results of an analysis by a joint team involving a joint intelligence task force, to respond to various security disturbances and attacks on people in Central Papua and Highlands Papua during a series of RI-78 Anniversary activities. Armed with this data, the joint SATGAS began monitoring and tracking the activities of several armed men who were preparing an attack in Matoa Village, about three kilometers from Kenyam, the capital of Nduga Regency.

After reconnaissance for several days and being convinced that the group was indeed part of KST Papua, the perpetrators of disturbances to security during the 78th Indonesian Independence Day who were preparing for a repeat attack, the ambush operation was carried out.

When the Joint Task Force managed to enter the area around Honai to arrest them, it turned out that there was resistance, resulting in a firefight. Several KST members fled, three KST members died, and there were no casualties from the authorities. From the identification results, the three members who died were KST Nduga, namely Ganti Dwijangge, Arigeba Kogoya and Worak.

The Joint Task Force brought a lot of evidence belonging to KST that was left at the location, namely hundreds of ammunition, 5 air rifles, 2 machetes, 3 bayonets, 3 SS weapon magazines, 1 level III helmet, 3 smartphones, 5 Polyphonic cellphones and tens of millions of rupiah in cash. .

KST, who is currently in Matoa Village, is known for being disturbing and involved in crimes and security disturbances in the mountains of Papua. They were the ones who attacked and killed three civilians, two of whom were native Papuans from the Biak tribe in Ampang Yasoma, JL Batas Batu, Kenyam.

Security forces from the TNI, Polri and BIN have been at maximum strength to fight and crush KST which has been causing unrest with the many sadistic acts they have carried out.

All the actions and actions carried out by KST have been very disturbing for the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia and have also claimed many lives, even officials have also become victims. Therefore it absolutely cannot be allowed and must be stopped as soon as possible.

The various actions carried out by KST have created damage and damaged the peace, destroying KST of course requires strength and strategy. On the other hand, KST also had to free Pilot Philip Mark, because the pioneering planes that often flew to Papua often carried logistics and medicines.

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