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Mass Vaccination Accelerates Community Immunity


By: Raditya Rahman)*

Community immunity is an ideal situation that must be achieved, as a condition for ending the pandemic period. Therefore, the government launched a national vaccination program that was carried out en masse. The goal is that more and more people get vaccine injections and are free of corona as soon as possible.
The increasing number of corona cases in Indonesia is making the government dizzy, because schools are planned to reopen. However, in the red zone it is impossible because it will endanger children. To prevent the spread of the corona virus, the national vaccination program is being boosted again, so that everyone is injected as soon as possible.
Mass vaccination is one of the efforts to make the national vaccination program a success. Because this event was attended by many people, so that more and more people have been vaccinated. So that their immunity goes up and the number of corona patients decreases. As was done at the Chandrabaga Stadium, Bekasi. Mass vaccination is considered a success and raises hopes of achieving herd immunity more quickly.
The government, through the Presidential Secretariat’s Youtube account, praised the mass vaccinations carried out in Bekasi. If all areas are like this, then community immunity will be quickly achieved. So hopefully this mass vaccination can be a good role model.
However, it must be ensured that mass vaccination must comply with health protocols, so as not to form new corona clusters. For example, the maximum number of people who come is only 50% of the building’s capacity, there is a minimum distance of 1 meter between seats, must wear masks and wash hands. In addition, syringes and other medical equipment must be completely sterile.
Another alternative to mass vaccination within the stadium or hall is drive-in vaccination. People who will be injected with the corona vaccine must get in a car and then be injected by the health worker on duty, while he is still in the vehicle. This method is very practical because it speeds up the queue, so that after being injected and given paracetamol, you will be able to go home as soon as possible.
In addition, the drive-in corona vaccination also minimizes contact with many people, because the car is confirmed to be sterile and the person to be injected only communicates with the medical team on duty. Everyone also wears masks so that they are safe from transmission of the Covid-19 virus via droplets. So that no new corona clusters will be formed.
What if there are people who do not have 4-wheeled vehicles? They can rent it at a rental or take a taxi online. Then, in 1 car there is only a maximum of 3 people, so you can still keep the distance between passengers. Don’t forget to wear a mask and bring hand sanitizer.
In NTB, it is targeted that mass vaccination will reach 3,000 people in 3 days. Meanwhile in Jakarta, mass vaccinations were carried out at the Vaccination Center building. This center has just been established and is a collaboration between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of SOEs. In other areas, mass vaccination is still being encouraged, so that more people get the vaccine.
People are expected to comply with vaccinations and not be picky. In a sense, if the existing vaccine is Sinovac, that’s okay. When there is an AstraZeneca vaccine, that’s okay too. The efficacy is equally high. Don’t be afraid of the side effects because they are minimal and both types of vaccines have passed the BPOM and MUI halal tests. Remember that vaccination is for your own safety and health, and to achieve herd immunity.
The mass vaccination program was highly praised by the community because it increased the number of Indonesian citizens who had been injected. If more people are vaccinated, it will reduce the number of corona patients. So that herd immunity will be formed quickly. The status of the pandemic will end soon and we will be free from the terrible threat of corona.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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