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1.2 Million Members of the Banten Zikir Assembly Affirm their Support for Ganjar Pranowo in the 2024 Presidential Election


Banten – 1.2 million members of the Zikir Assembly in Banten Province confirmed their stance to support Ganjar Pranowo. The figure of the PDIP presidential candidate is considered a very populist, firm and also wise leader.

“We, as a communication forum for the remembrance assembly in Banten, agreed not only to support, but to declare support in an action,” said the Leader of the Serang Remembrance Council, KH Elang Mangkubumi.

No half-hearted, the declaration event was attended by as many as eight regions in Banten with a total number of members reaching 1.2 million people.

Furthermore, KH Elang Mangkubumi then said that all members in the future would also continue to move massively.

“There are 1.2 million of our members who will then move massively to knock on their neighbors’ homes to convey messages about Pak Ganjar who we will make President of Indonesia in 2024,” he said.

According to the Leader of the Serang Zikir Assembly, he considered that the figure of Ganjar was a leader who was very close to the people and also a simple person.

From this assessment, the PDIP cadre is indeed considered a national figure who is indeed very appropriate to become Indonesia’s future leader.

“Like yesterday I approached him and he did not hesitate to accept whoever it was. This means that it is right that Mr. Ganjar is a person who is able to have the people, born from the people and will become the people’s president as well, “said Abah Elang.

By representing other leaders of the Zikir Assembly, he really hopes that Ganjar Pranowo can continue all of President Jokowi’s excellent programs and continue to improve his achievements.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Gardu Ganjar Banten province, Ahmad Wahyudin Nasyar explained that all residents in the region from various backgrounds have all agreed to fully support Ganjar in the 2024 presidential election.

“Alhamdulillah, Banten is actually complete, both from the champions, kiai, village heads, millennials, art activists including cross-faith, all agree to support the 2024 Presidential Award,” he said.

On another occasion, Ganjar Pranowo, who carried out his political safari to the Macan Ali Headquarters, which is one of the largest hospitality associations under the Kasepuhan Sultanate of Cirebon, was also welcomed very well.

Most recently, the Governor of Central Java was even given the title of Extraordinary Honorary Member of the Great Army of Macan Ali (LMA), Cirebon.

For information, the awarding of this honorary title is not given to just anyone, but so far there are only seven people including Ganjar Pranowo.

Then, Deputy Commander of the LMA, Habib Ali Hifni Husein Al Bantani Azmat Khan said that the personality and leadership of the PDIP cadres made his party provide full support.

Habib Ali Hifni considers that the man who is identical with white hair has a figure that is wise, firm, but also fun and relaxed.

“A very wise and firm figure, too low profile. Fun, relaxed, but firm as soon as I saw him,” he said.

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