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2024 Election As Scheduled, PT DKI Jakarta Receives RI KPU’s Appeal


Jakarta — All stages of the 2024 Election can continue, the DKI Jakarta High Court (PT) has accepted an appeal submitted by the Indonesian KPU on the decision of the Central Jakarta District Court (PN).

The appeal made by the KPU RI is related to the decision of the Central Jakarta District Court which demands that the stages of the 2024 election be postponed and start from scratch.

“On trial, accept the appeal of the appellant or the defendant,” said Chief Judge Sugeng Riyono in the trial at the DKI Jakarta High Court (PT).

So, with the approval of the appeal submitted by the KPU, PT DKI Jakarta automatically cancels the decision from the Central Jakarta District Court.

Not only that, PT DKI Jakarta also granted the KPU’s exception which stated that the Central Jakarta District Court did not have the authority to try cases brought by the Prima Party regarding elections.

“Trying the exception himself, granting the defendant’s exception, declared that the general court, cq the Central Jakarta District Court, has no authority in absolute competence to try the a quo case,” said the judge.

Apart from that, the PT DKI Jakarta Judge also emphasized that the lawsuit from the Prima Party was completely unacceptable.

“In the main case, stating the lawsuit of the defendants can not be accepted,” said the judge.

“Punish the appellant, the plaintiffs, to pay the costs jointly in this case for two levels of court and for the appeal level in the amount of Rp. 150 thousand,” added the judge. In response to the decision issued by PT DKI Jakarta, Chairman of the Indonesian KPU, Hasyim

Asy ‘ari stated that with this decision, the 2024 Election could proceed according to the scheduled schedule.

“Alhamdulillah, the 2024 Election will continue,” he told reporters.

He also assessed that PT DKI Jakarta had realigned the judicial pathways in the country for those seeking justice regarding Election.

“The wisdom of PT DKI Jakarta’s decision in favor of the KPU’s appeal against the decision of the Central Jakarta District Court is to realign the judicial pathways to seek election justice,” said Hasyim.

The chairman of the KPU emphasized that the decision by PT DKI Jakarta was able to stem other lawsuits from certain parties regarding efforts against the law in elections which were pursued through legal courts, such as postponement of elections.

With the decision of PT DKI Jakarta, it is not the authority of the general court or district court to decide cases regarding elections. However, this is the authority of Bawaslu, Administrative Court and MK.

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