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A number of political figures, celebrities urge to implement the Prokes after the simultaneous regional elections and ahead of year-end celebrations


After the 2020 simultaneous regional elections which gave rise to the euphoria of victory, it was considered vulnerable in the spread of Covid-19, therefore a number of national political figures, celebrities and also community leaders expected the public to consider the risk of this spread.
Chairman of the Indonesian Parliament, Puan Maharani, said that the spread of Covid-19 was still very high, so it was hoped that the community would not be lax in implementing health protocols. In addition, Puan also appealed to keep your distance and avoid crowds in facing the year-end celebration moments.
If it is necessary to leave, residents are advised to strictly adhere to health protocols such as wearing masks, maintaining distance and washing their hands with running water and soap. In addition, Puan appealed to the public not to be afraid of taking the Covid-19 test.
“Do not be lax in implementing health protocols, and avoid the hassle after the Pilkada and ahead of the year-end celebrations,” said Puan in a video podcast with the theme Implementing Health Protocols, Avoiding Crowds After the Concurrent Pilkada and Towards the End of Year Celebration, “in Jakarta, Thursday (10/12 / 2020).
A number of other figures, Chairman of the MPR, Bambang Soesatyo, Regent of Majalengka Karna Sobahi appealed to the same thing. Including a number of Indonesian artists, singers, Ifny KDI, Velline Chu – The Queen of Begal and others.
The initiator of the Video Podcast appealed to a number of political and public figures, Ibnu from ICF, said that the video message was part of participating in preventing the spread of Covid-19 in this country.
“Just education and literacy is our duty to remind each other and implement health programs,” he said.

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