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Academics Call Rocky Gerung’s Phrases Irrational and Reflect Common Sense 


JAKARTA — Academics say that one of the expressions issued by political observer Rocky Gerung is completely irrational and does not reflect common sense at all.

Indonesian communicaologist Dr. Emrus Sihombing responded to the statement from the philosopher which is currently viral on social media.

The reason is, Rocky Gerung used a Bastard-Tolol diction which was immediately highlighted by various parties.

Suddenly according to Emrus, whoever the person is, even if they have any social status, when it comes to using such diction when communicating, it shows that the person is very far from the civilization of communication and common sense.

Furthermore, the Communicologist advised all parties that when communicating in public spaces they should be able to be more rational, contain benefits and continue to maintain the civility of communication.

Another response came from the Chairman of Cyber ​​Indonesia, Muannas Alaidid, who questioned whether it was permissible to use this diction for state leaders.

“Can I say our president; stupid bastard @DivHumas_Polri,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, Social Media Activist Denny Siregar also gave a response saying that Rocky Gerung’s statement had crossed the line.

“Rocky Gerung this time was very offside,” he said.

The phrase issued by the philosopher even for him has entered the category of insulting the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

“This is an insult to the President,” said Denny.

As a result of this statement, the former Democratic Party politician, Ferdinand Hutahaean, will report this political observer to the police.

The report was made because there was an alleged element of insulting President Jokowi there.

“From the following YouTube link, tomorrow I will report 2 people at once, namely: ROCKY GERUNG and REFLY HARUN,” he said.

Previously, there was a statement made by political observer Rocky Gerung who gave passionate criticism of President Jokowi.

In fact, the philosopher even accused the Head of State of continuing to try to be able to maintain the legacy he has.

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