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All Parties Play an Important Role in Creating Peaceful Elections


By : Naomi Leah Christine )*

All parties collaborate and play an important role in creating peaceful elections. The 2024 elections must be successful and full of peace. No chaos, terrorism, even radicalism. The community creates safe and peaceful elections and synergizes with security forces and other parties.

The 2024 election is in sight and the campaign period will soon begin. Ahead of the General Election, people are starting to increase their vigilance because they are prone to friction, when there are individuals who deliberately spread hatred, especially in cyberspace. There should be no chaos during the election because it has the potential to derail the democratic party, even though this mandatory program must be maintained so that it is 100% successful.

To make the election successful and realize peaceful and peaceful elections, all parties have an important role to play and collaborate with each other. The government invites all stakeholders in the election to strengthen the narrative of peaceful elections in society. Elections must not cause divisions and damage the life of the state.

The Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law and Security (Menkopolhukam) Mahfud MD stated that elections are a means of realizing people’s sovereignty. When the election ends, all parties must follow the leadership that won the election. 

Mahfud MD added, the 2024 election must take place peacefully. Do not let there be divisions during the election because of political intrigue. In a sense, during elections there could be political friction and intrigue because there is competition between candidates and parties. But don’t let competition turn the election into an arena for war, even bloodshed.

If you want there to be peaceful elections, the community must make it happen by reducing friction. Campaigning is okay, as long as you obey the rules. For example, campaigns on permitted dates and may not precede them, because they violate KPU and Bawaslu regulations. When someone is reprimanded, you should not be angry, because he made a mistake.

Then, the community realized peaceful elections by collaborating with security forces, KPU, Bawaslu, and other parties. If fraud is found, it can be reported. In this way it will be forwarded to the authorities.

All stakeholders must be responsible for realizing peaceful elections by strengthening the narrative of peaceful elections in society. This is also supported by the press as the party that spreads the news among the people. The news displayed must be real and contain education and peace. Don’t even create print or online media that spread hoaxes because it will damage the election.

The Cirebon City Election Supervisory Body invites the mass media to realize peaceful general elections in 2024. Cirebon City Bawaslu Commissioner, Supriyan, said that as one of the pillars of democracy, the role of the mass media is needed in elections. His party invited all mass media in Shrimp City to work with Bawaslu to oversee all stages of the 2024 Election.

In a sense, the success of the election began with the escort of the mass media covering the voting and vote counting to remote villages. From this coverage, many facts in the field were revealed. Starting from violations in the form of ballooning votes, forcing the election of legislative candidates, to the dawn attack alias giving bribes before the election begins.

The mass media must contribute to realizing peaceful elections, the reason is because they are mouthpieces for the people’s voice so that the problems that exist in the middle of the field can be exposed. When there are journalists, those who commit fraud will be afraid because they will be found out and reported to the authorities.

Meanwhile, interfaith leaders, traditional leaders, community leaders, interfaith youth leaders, mass organization figures and ASN within the Regional Office of the Southeast Sulawesi Ministry of Religion, compactly signed a declaration of peace for religious harmony ahead of the General Election, on 18 July 2023. 

On that occasion, the Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion (Kanwil Kemenag) for Southeast Sulawesi, Muhammad Saleh, stated that this peace declaration was certainly very important in maintaining conduciveness in Southeast Sulawesi, especially ahead of the democratic party. The involvement of all elements in this declaration is very important to unite understanding and perception in creating a conducive and peaceful atmosphere in society.

Saleh continued, maintaining social stability is a joint task, not just the task of the TNI and Polri. Because of that, he hopes, before and until the 2024 elections, the people can maintain a conducive situation in Southeast Sulawesi.

Peaceful elections must be realized not only in Southeast Sulawesi but also throughout Indonesia. Communities can play a major role in creating peaceful elections. Elections are an event to choose leaders and candidates for new legislation. Do not make it a place of war or fierce hostilities because you are too supportive of a particular political party or presidential candidate. 

All parties play an important role in creating a peaceful and conducive 2024 election. To realize peaceful elections is not only the task of the security forces, the government, KPU and Bawaslu. However, the community can also maintain peaceful elections by avoiding hoaxes and collaborating with all parties. The mass media is also obliged to maintain peace in elections by reporting truthfully and not spreading hoaxes and propaganda.

)* The author is a Contributor to the Media Inti Nesia Institute

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