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Appreciate Gen Z and Millennial Support for Ganjar Pranowo


By: Astrid Natasha )*

Providing full support from the millennial generation or generation Z to the figure of the Presidential Candidate, Ganjar Pranowo, especially in Cirebon and Jakarta, is a very good thing and is needed to continue to maintain the principles of democracy in Indonesia. Because they feel that all their needs and needs can really be heard by the Governor of Central Java, so they also look for the best solution for the problems experienced by the youths.

The presidential candidate (Capres) proposed by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), Ganjar Pranowo revealed a campaign strategy that will be used in the struggle for the democratic party and political contestation, the Presidential Election (Pilpres) in the upcoming 2024.

The strategy that will be used by the Governor of Central Java (Central Java) in advancing to the political battle is to continue synergizing with a team of volunteers and starting an approach even from a small community base first.

Not only targeting the small community base first, but the 2024 presidential candidate will also approach various issues that have a close relationship with each generation. Then, in the upcoming 2024 general elections, the plan is to continue to target the younger generation or gen Z so that they can become the barns for winning Ganjar Pranowo.

It is indeed very important to be able to approach issues that adapt to various generations throughout the people of the country. The reason is, for the younger generation of Gen Z itself it can be said that they don’t want a community or discussion that is only related to politics, instead the millennial generation also yearns for a community to be able to express various positive things, such as reading rooms, gaming communities. into the world of dance.

The younger generation, who have been growing and developing in the fast digital world, including gaming, have their own problems, so it is very important to be able to provide a concrete solution that meets the needs of the gaming community.

Several campaign models that continue to adapt to the needs of the community or the generation they want to target, have indeed been prepared by the volunteer and winning team or success team (timses) of Ganjar Pranowo in the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election.

The approach using this strategy is given the name nano strategic, because it focuses more on communities with a smaller base, so that the entire strategy is really far more solutive.

It is absolutely undeniable that the role of the millennial generation or Gen Z has so far contributed significantly and is also important for the sustainability of the nation, especially in the context of the circulation of leadership changes in the upcoming elections.

In fact, the millennial or gen Z generation has provided a lot of input to Ganjar Pranowo. This input is a view that in fact so far, the younger generation is far more vulnerable to experiencing stressful conditions so they need help from counseling.

Then, knowing that the facts on the ground show that the millennial generation or genz Z can be said to be very vulnerable to experiencing stressful conditions and need counseling assistance, PDIP immediately made efforts to provide counseling services for stress management to the relevant community.

Furthermore, the presidential candidate, who is also a cadre of the party with the logo of a bull with a white muzzle, so far has mostly held discussions with various other local communities. This is done with the aim of being able to get a picture of how the condition of the community is, which then later after getting a clear picture a solution that is very concrete and really needed will be found in accordance with solving the various problems that exist in that community.

It is indeed a challenge for every presidential candidate or participant in the upcoming 2024 Election, including the PDIP and Ganjar Pranowo himself, namely how to attract the millennial generation or Gen Z, the main thing is an effort to increase awareness of the importance of active political participation for them. .

The active participation in the world of politics by the millennial generation or gen Z is an effort to continue to maintain the principles of democracy so that they can be implemented in Indonesia.

It can also be said that the younger generation is a generation that closely follows the development of the PDI Perjuangan, because they were born in 1996, which is the year the party really fought for democratic values ​​in the country.

Millennials or Gen Z give their full support to the 2024 presidential candidate, Ganjar Pranowo. One form of this support is the holding of Ganjar Pranowo and Gen Z events from Cirebon to Jakarta. How could it not be, because he is a leader who is truly able to adapt to all the changing times, so he continues to try to listen to the aspirations and needs of Indonesia’s younger generation. Of course, this deserves extraordinary appreciation as an ideal leader for a much better future for this nation.

)* The author is a contributor to the Equator Circle 

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