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Appreciating IPU Implementation in Bali


By: Made Raditya )*

The Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) will be held in Bali. The community also appreciates the implementation of the international forum because it is very beneficial for Indonesia because it will advance the tourism sector.

Bali is an area in Indonesia that is believed to be the place where international forums are held. Later at the end of the year there will be a G20 Summit and previously there was an IPU, the Inter Parliamentary Union. The forum which deals with political negotiations between countries has 157 member state parliaments and 9 associate members.

On 20-24 March the IPU will actually be held in Bali. Putu Supadma Rudana, Deputy Chair of the Indonesian House of Representatives Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation Agency, stated that the 44th IPU will be an important moment to show the world that Indonesia is able to overcome the challenges of the corona pandemic.

Putu Supadma added, IPU will be beneficial for Indonesia because it can ‘sell’ the tourism sector. This means that the delegates from IPU members will see the exoticism of Bali and they will be fascinated, so that they extend their visit to Indonesia. They want to have fun on the Island of the Gods after being tired from meetings at the IPU.

The implementation of the IPU must be appreciated because it can revive the tourism sector in Indonesia, and shows that tourists can be safe there. In a sense, all places, from hotels, cafes, pubs, to the beach, comply with the 10M health protocol. So that foreign tourists can relax without fear of contracting the corona. Delegations of IPU member countries also upload photos on social media and promote Indonesian tourism.

Appreciation should also be given because IPU will discuss climate change. The issue of climate and the environment is indeed very important to be discussed. So that later the delegates of IPU members will realize that environmental changes are real. It is hoped that the changes will be for the better so that everyone is more environmentally friendly and committed to reducing global warming.

In Bali there is the Trihita Karana teaching. Namely, how the relationship between humans and humans, humans with the power and humans with nature. It becomes a benchmark or concept that might be a real contribution to the world for how in the future we can take better care of the earth and the environment. This teaching will be presented at the IPU and its philosophy will be disseminated so that it is absorbed by the delegates.

The issue of climate change is very important because the industrial era has a negative impact, namely global warming. Do not let this happen for years so that the earth’s temperature increases and the polar ice caps melt, so that the surrounding countries can sink.

Indonesia is currently also continuing to introduce a green economy. The economic sector continues to run but still loves the earth. For example, minimizing the use of plastic and stryfoam packaging and replacing it with paper, cardboard, or woven bamboo baskets. These objects are more environmentally friendly because they can decompose on the ground, unlike plastic which is difficult to decompose.

The implementation of the IPU should also be appreciated because Indonesia has always been trusted to host an international forum. It means that our country’s position in international relations is also respected. Despite the status of a developing country, developed countries still respect Indonesia and do not look down on it, instead they appreciate it because the government has bright ideas.

We should respect the implementation of the IPU in Bali in March 2022, because this international forum is not just a small talk. Rather it strengthens Indonesia’s position in international relations. IPU will be able to sell and raise the tourism sector on the Island of the Gods, which was down due to the effects of the pandemic, so that hoteliers and others there can get up again.

 )* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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