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Appreciating Jokowi’s Plan of Working Visit to East Asia


By: Yogi Purbananda)*

President Jokowi’s planned working visit to three countries in East Asia deserves great appreciation because the urgency is very important for the future of all countries. With the working visit to East Asia, Indonesia will be better prepared to face the Covid-19 pandemic.

The name Indonesia has recently become increasingly known to the world because of its enormous contribution, not only as the Presidency of the G20 Summit, but the main goal that has always been the aspiration of the founding fathers of the Nation to continue to oversee world peace, which is also enshrined in the preamble of the Constitution. 1945 continues to be pursued in the era of President Joko Widodo’s leadership.

In the near future, he has planned a working visit to three East Asian countries, namely South Korea, Japan and China. The visit is planned to discuss cooperation in the economic realm among all countries, including in the fields of trade and investment. This is because so far the world’s economic sentiment is very negative with many threats of inflation and recession blowing, including the threat of an economic crisis and a food crisis because global supply is currently being severely shaken. Not to mention, as a non-aligned country that will always promote world peace, Indonesia itself will also continue to make the entire ASEAN region peaceful, prosperous and stable.

In addition, the visit made by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, according to Dinna Prapto Raharja as an International Relations Observer, that Jokowi is indeed currently carrying out a very large responsibility and is also one of the efforts to ensure the continuity of the G20 High Level Congress (KTT). smoothly.

Of course, with all the uncertainty in a situation full of concern like today, one of the steps to make it easier to escape from all the shackles of the threat of a crisis is to establish cooperation with other countries, especially developed countries because all parties will benefit in terms of food supply, energy. to medicines because of the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic still haunting.

It is undeniable that the cause of the chaos in the supply of world stocks is the long-term impact of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which even now seems to have not subsided. Therefore, the founder of the Synergy Policies institution stated that President Jokowi must immediately take quick steps regarding his cooperation with the ASEAN countries.

Furthermore, trying to explain why the President should directly hold a meeting with countries in East Asia is because it turns out that the meeting that had been held by foreign ministers in the G20 series and then has not yet realized the direction of cooperation. Whereas on the other hand, all countries must also immediately prepare if there is a recession, for that meeting on the discussion of cooperation must be carried out as soon as possible.

President Jokowi’s great responsibility does not even stop until the G20 Summit is held in Bali, but there are two other summit agendas that will be held in ASEAN. Therefore, if the discussion about the cooperation is carried out immediately, it will be a very appropriate step. The Bina Nusantara University (Binus) lecturer also explained that in 2023, if there is no opening of talks about cooperation, it will certainly be very difficult going forward.

Retno Marsudi as the Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs explained the agenda of the visit made by President Jokowi. According to him, during the visit to China, the seventh Indonesian President will have a meeting with Premier Le Kiqiang and also President Xi Jinping, then in Tokyo itself it will be planned to hold a meeting with the Prime Minister (PM) of Japan, Fumio Kishida and business people there.

Meanwhile, Santo Darmosumarto as Director of East Asia at the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that there will also be the signing of a number of MoUs (memorandum of understanding) that will occur with a focus on handling several issues that are currently being worked on. One of them is related to infrastructure. Furthermore, he also hopes that there will be an increase in the number of foreign investors in various projects of large-scale state companies.

It should be noted that the three East Asian countries have indeed become partners and have quite good cooperation with Indonesia. For China itself, they are trading partners whose total value is up to 110 billion US Dollars, including the investment value of

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