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Avoid Hate Speech During the 2024 Election


By : Elisabeth Titania Dionne )*


The 2024 General Election (Pemilu) is approaching, and the political atmosphere in various regions in Indonesia is starting to heat up. Big challenges face us in maintaining the smooth running of this democratic party, especially in preventing hate speech and identity politics which could threaten the peace and unity of society. 

Therefore, various parties, from police officers to regional leaders, have spoken out firmly inviting all parties to play an active role in ensuring that the 2024 elections take place peacefully, honestly and fairly. 

In their view, elections are not a place to look for enemies, but rather a joint effort to find leaders who will take the region, nation and state in a better direction.

The Head of the Pasangkayu Police, West Sulawesi Province, Assistant Commissioner of Police Chandra Kurnia Setiawan, is one of the figures who firmly emphasizes the urgency of protecting the Election from all forms of hate speech. He firmly advised all election participants to distance themselves from actions that contain hate speech, the spread of fake news, and the politicization of SARA in various forms. 

Apart from that, Chandra Kurnia Setiawan also warned about the dangers of falling into the practice of money politics which could damage the integrity of the election process. He encouraged all parties to work together to achieve the goal of a peaceful, honest and fair 2024 election.

However, maintaining the smooth running of elections is not a responsibility that must only be borne by the police alone. Chandra Kurnia Setiawan, in this case, invites the entire community and parties who have an interest in Pasangkayu to participate in this effort. 

He emphasized that the National Police’s efforts to ensure that the elections run safely, orderly and smoothly will not be successful without active participation from the community and parties who have an important role. Chandra Kurnia Setiawan hopes that all stakeholders will work together to ensure that the elections take place in a safe and orderly atmosphere.

The 2024 election is considered to determine the future of the region, nation and state. Chandra Kurnia Setiawan highlighted the importance of the people’s voting rights in determining people’s representatives, regional heads, and even the president and vice president of the Republic of Indonesia. Therefore, maintaining election integrity is a shared task for all parties.

On the other hand, the Governor of East Java, Khofifah Indar Parawansa, also cast his vote in an effort to ensure that the elections took place peacefully. When speaking in Surabaya, he invited all the people of East Java to play an active role in creating elections that would take place safely and peacefully in 2024. 

Khofifah firmly stated the importance of joint success in running the democratic party and hoped that the entire process would run smoothly, safely and conducively. He highlighted the very large number of permanent voters in East Java, reaching 31.402 million voters, and emphasized the need to take preventive and mitigative steps to maintain a conducive atmosphere in the region.

Khofifah also underlined the need to carefully select the information circulating. This is considered a key factor in efforts to prevent the emergence of issues related to SARA, fake news, and attempts at provocation. 

He emphasized that it is important not to spread information that is not yet clear in its truth. Khofifah emphasized that such actions could trigger conflict that would damage the unity between us as citizens.

Khofifah also highlighted the importance of collaboration with law enforcement officials in maintaining a conducive situation. This involves efforts to organize crowds supporting political parties as well as providing full support to firm action taken by the authorities if there is evidence of violations that threaten the smooth and peaceful elections. 

He emphasized that public security and order must be maintained properly. Khofifah hopes that supporters will also participate in maintaining calm in society and play an active role in preventing the spread of identity politics which can trigger hate speech.

Peace and security in the 2024 elections are also Khofifah’s main focus. He reminded that disputes that may arise must be followed up in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, with the hope that all election disputes can be resolved fairly and transparently.

In order to support the spirit of maintaining peaceful elections, on that occasion, a peaceful election declaration was signed by the East Java Forkopimda, Election Organizers, as well as representatives of 18 political parties participating in the election. Apart from that, a City Security System Simulation (SISPAMKOTA) demonstration was also carried out in the context of securing the 2024 Election.

The message from these two sources is very clear: ensuring that the 2024 elections are peaceful, honest and fair is the collective task of all parties. All elements of society, including religious leaders, traditional leaders, community leaders and youth leaders, have an important role in maintaining conduciveness and avoiding hate speech. 

Elections are a time to look for leaders who will take this nation in a better direction. As the Indonesian people, let us unite in maintaining peace and making the 2024 election a moment of positive change for this country. Avoid hate speech during the 2024 elections, and together we will create a peaceful and united Indonesia.

)* Contributor to the Gelora Media Institute

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