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Beware of Identity Politics Ahead of Elections, Mayor of Solo: Differences are a Necessity


Solo – Mayor of Solo, Gibran Rakabuming Raka appealed to the public to be aware of identity politics in the upcoming 2024 election. According to him differences are inevitability.

How could it not be, the article is that all people in Indonesia have different and very diverse backgrounds.

“Yes, the name of identity, difference, diversity is a necessity. It’s a fact. And Indonesia is indeed different like this,” he said.

Furthermore, Gibran also emphasized that with the diversity that belongs to the community, it should not be used for practical political interests.

“And what we must avoid the most are people who take advantage of this difference for political purposes,” he said.

He really hopes that in the upcoming 2024 election there will be no more practice of identity politics like at the previous year’s democratic party and all parties can embrace one another.

“Hopefully (identity politics) won’t be like in 2019, 2014, yesterday. We’re also tired of being infidel all the time. We want to embrace all,” he said at the ROSI event on KompasTV.

According to Gibran, indeed, leaders have enormous power, whether to unite the people or divide them. From there, the public can also judge for themselves how these leaders are.

“The name of a political leader can unite, can divide. Yes, you just have to judge for yourself, which identity politics is. Please judge for yourself,” he said.

The number one person in the city of Solo continues to strive to be a good leader and be able to unite differences.

He held many religious events by embracing all of them without discriminating, all parties were given the same space.

“Now in Solo, we cover all religious events, we embrace all. We want everyone to get along. And we give everyone space, we provide a place to hold their respective religious events,” said Gibran.

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