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BIN Helps Cianjur Earthquake Victims with Door to Door Services


By : Putri Keumala )*

The State Intelligence Agency (BIN) deployed a Humanitarian Team to help the victims of the Cianjur earthquake. Apart from providing assistance in the form of food, BIN also provides door to door health services. This service is carried out on a circular basis so that all earthquake survivors receive adequate medical assistance.

After Cianjur was hit by an earthquake on November 21, 2022, the BIN Humanitarian Team immediately came to this district in West Java. BIN has always been at the forefront when there is a disaster in Indonesia. because of that the Humanitarian team immediately obeyed orders from the Head of BIN, General Pol (Purn) Budi Gunawan, to help the victims of the Cianjur earthquake.

The BIN Humanitarian Team came and set up an Aid Post in Cijedil Village, Cianjur. Apart from bringing 2 trucks filled with relief goods, BIN’s Humanitarian Team also brought health workers from the local Puskesmas. Earthquake survivors urgently need medical personnel, and their services are carried out through a door to door system.

Doctor Sri Wulandari, Head of the Medical Intelligence Doctors Team, stated that his party came to help the earthquake victims who had limited access to health facilities. In addition to the need for basic logistical problems, the victims had health problems. For this reason, health services are provided door to door.

Doctor Sri added, the BIN Medical Intelligence Team prepared an ambulance. There are also 2 doctors and 7 trained medical personnel. There are also medicines in the ambulance so they can be given directly to people who need them.

The community really appreciates the health services provided by BIN door to door. If you use this method, besides having a health post, there are also ambulances that travel around the Cianjur area. The people who were visited by doctors and medical personnel did not come to health posts.

BIN is very aware that many victims of the Cianjur earthquake are seriously ill and some are unable to just walk, even stand. Therefore health services are provided door to door. The old method, namely setting up health posts, would be less effective because the reach was not as wide as door to door health services.

If ambulances were traveling around Cianjur, more earthquake survivors would be rescued and get health care. They can also ask for medicine for free. The ambulance also provided medical equipment and stretchers to help the earthquake victims who were seriously injured.

The community appreciates the door to door health services provided by the BIN medical team because they don’t just go around the center of Cianjur Regency. But the ambulance came to the area that was still isolated. If the road is not accessible by 4-wheeled vehicles, the BIN humanitarian team will come on foot. All of this was done so that the people of Cianjur would no longer be in pain after the earthquake.

When there is door-to-door health service, it will treat people who are in pain after the earthquake. The victims will be quickly helped. Many of them were seriously injured due to the rubble of the building. If there is a health service, it will reduce the potential for death because victims who are seriously injured can be helped immediately.

According to data from BNPB (National Disaster Management Agency), there were 108 seriously injured victims in Cianjur. It is not yet certain how many victims were slightly injured because there are definitely many more. Those with minor or serious injuries will be treated by health services from BIN who are constantly traveling around Cianjur to treat the victims.

Meanwhile, the Head of Cijedil Village, Puhidin, appreciated the door to door health services from the BIN medical team. He hopes that the service will be further extended. Considering that there are still villages that have not been touched by health services.

Door to door health services will reach more remote areas, so that more Cianjur people can be treated by doctors. BIN always maintains its commitment to helping disaster victims. 

One of the victims of the Cianjur earthquake, Iyun (53 years) really appreciated the health services from BIN. The resident of Cibereum Village is grateful because he can get medicines. He survived in the refugee camp because his house was destroyed by the earthquake. 

Iyun added, besides health assistance, the people of Cianjur also needed assistance in the form of food and various other needs. There are still many residents who need a helping hand from volunteers and donors. Especially for children and babies.

Aid continues to arrive in Cianjur and BIN’s humanitarian team continues to be there to distribute aid. The humanitarian team is trying to get Cianjur residents to receive assistance in the form of logistics, as well as health services.

BIN continues to be committed to helping people who are victims of disasters, including residents of Cianjur. They suffered from aftershocks after the big e earthquake on November 21, 2022. The health services from the BIN medical team are highly appreciated because they have a door to door system, and travel around Cianjur to treat the people there.

)* The author is a contributor to the Nusa Bangsa Institute

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