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Bosa Yogyakarta High School Alumni Solidly Support Ganjar Pranowo as President 2024


Yogyakarta — Bosa High School alumni in Yogyakarta fully support Ganjar Pranowo as President in 2024. 

It is known that a number of high school alumni immediately cheered the white-haired leader as President when attending a reunion agenda. 

From the crowd of participants who were present, there were cheers of support for Ganjar Pranowo, which were then followed by other crowds

“Mr. Ganjar, President!” they shouted. 

The existence of real support given by the public to the presidential candidate from the PDI Perjuangan cannot be denied at all. In fact, one of them came directly from Guntur Romli. 

No half-hearted, even with the political dynamics that occurred, he decided to leave PSI. 

“Starting today, I will leave PSI as a PSI member and cadre,” he said. 

Guntur admitted that he left his party because he wanted to support the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate, Ganjar Pranowo. 

Not without reason, he sees that there are many similarities between Ganjar and President Jokowi. 

“According to rational and ideological considerations, I absolutely believe and believe that Ganjar Pranowo is worthy of being Joko Widodo’s successor in 2024,” he said. 

Meanwhile, in line with Guntur Romli’s opinion, Muhammadiyah Youth Chairman Dzulfikar Ahmad Twalla also believes that Ganjar Pranowo is a capable figure and can continue all the developments of the current Head of State. 

This assumption has even been recorded in many survey results by several institutions. 

“We see that the Muhammadiyah voter base perceives that it is Pak Ganjar who can continue Pak Jokowi’s programs,” he said. 

The opinion of the Ketum Pemuda Muhammadiyah is also very much in line with the results of the Saiful Mujani Research and Consulting (SMRC) survey for the July 2023 data collection period.

In the survey results, it was noted that as much as 40 percent of the public admitted that they believed in the figure of Ganjar Pranowo, who had the support of President Jokowi. 

Saiful Mujani himself, as the founder of SMRC, stated that Ganjar was considered a presidential candidate who was clearly supported by the Head of State. 

“Ganjar is seen as the presidential candidate supported by President Joko Widodo in the 2024 General Election,” he said. 

It turns out that it’s not just one institution that has stated this. Another survey institute based in Australia, Utting Research, also released the results of a poll regarding the electoral figures of figures ahead of the 2024 Presidential Election.

The results of the survey show that the name Ganjar Pranowo is indeed a figure who is ranked at the top as the candidate for president with the highest electability when compared to other figures. 

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