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Chairman of the West Sumatra Da’wah Council Values ​​Ganjar as having a spirit of tolerance and being the right leader for Indonesia


By : Arifin Kurnia )*

The chairman of the Da’wah Council in West Sumatra Province (Sumbar) assessed that Ganjar Pranowo was indeed a figure who had a very high spirit of tolerance and revealed that he was the right figure to become a leader in Indonesia in the future.

The opportunity that Ganjar Pranowo has to become the number one person in the Republic of Indonesia (RI) is increasingly opening up day by day. This is because support for him continues to flow, even coming from various remote areas and from various different social backgrounds.

Chairman of the Islamic Organization of the Islamic Da’wah Council (MDI) of West Sumatra Province (Sumbar), H. Zainal MS, stated that his party was very ready to provide full support to Ganjar Pranowo so that he could become a Presidential figure during the democratic party and political contestation in the Presidential Election event. (Presidential Election) in 2024.

Of course, it is not without reason why support continues to flow to this leader who is identified with his white hair, because Ganjar is seen as a figure who has very high tolerance and is the right person to become a leader for the Indonesian nation.

One of the criteria for an appropriate and ideal leader of the Indonesian nation is when that person has a leadership spirit and also a very high sense of tolerance towards every different group in Indonesia. Because, with a high sense of tolerance, harmony will be created in the country.

The only leader who has the highest sense of tolerance in the upcoming 2024 presidential election contestation is Ganjar Pranowo. Furthermore, according to the Chairman of the Islamic Da’wah Council, he explained that it is no less important that national and state life be able to continue to be pursued so that it can run well and in harmony.

It cannot be denied that a leader is indeed a role model for all his people. So if the leader is indeed a good person, then there is a big possibility that the entire community will also imitate the good things done by the leader, one of which is by being very tolerant of the differences that exist in Indonesia.

Ganjar Pranowo, apart from being famous as a leader who has very high tolerance, is also a figure who is not at all arrogant or can be said to have a low profile and is very popular. He doesn’t like a grandiose life at all and his leadership style has been starting from the bottom and really understands how to lead an area.

This is evident from how his leadership has produced many results with various extraordinary programs that he launched and received many awards while still serving as Governor of Central Java (Central Java) Province for 2 (two) terms.

So with all the advantages that Ganjar Pranowo already has, it cannot be denied that he is indeed the right figure to be able to lead Indonesia in the future. Support continues to flow very profusely and the public also expresses many hopes and prayers for the leader born in Karanganyar Regency so that he can win in the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election (Pilpres).

Likewise, the General Secretary of the Fellowship of Christian Churches in Semarang City (PGKS), Yuso Wardoyo, also acknowledged and assessed that the 54 year old leader was indeed a very nationalist, religious figure and also very tolerant of the diverse lives of all religious communities in Indonesia. .

Even though Ganjar Pranowo himself is a very religious figure, he can still protect people of other religions even though they are different and from various religious backgrounds.

Therefore, the public continues to hope that the cadres from the political party led by Megawati Soekarnoputri can be successful in achieving their goals and continue all the development programs initiated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and at the same time that he is able to further advance this nation.

Having a great spirit of tolerance is indeed one of the most important points for a leader who wants to lead a nation like Indonesia to have, because the country has a very large diversity of people’s backgrounds. This figure is Ganjar Pranowo, so he is indeed the right leader to become President of the Republic of Indonesia from 2024 to 2029.

)* The author is a contributor to GARBANG (United Movement to Ganjar Pranowo Wins)

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