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Communicologists Call the People Power Movement Ahead of Elections Not Constructive


By: Maya Naura Lingga )*

Communicologists say that any movement or attempt to unite the masses on behalf of people power in Indonesia, especially when the movement only occurs before the election is held, is not constructive because it is not accompanied by a solutive and constructive discourse, but instead has the potential to conflict. with the constitution.

In the run-up to the implementation of the democratic party and political contestation through the implementation of the General Elections (Elections) in 2024, there have been several issues that have been scattered in society, including one of which is the existence of a number of parties who continue to call for the people power movement.

Indeed, people power movements usually occur in a number of countries that have various problems such as political instability, economic instability and security. However, in Indonesia itself, the movement is felt to have slightly different goals.

How could it not be, because the people power movement continues to be echoed in Indonesia, where it continues to be heard as the General Elections are getting closer every 5 (five) years, it will actually be very closely related to efforts to mobilize a number of masses for certain goals that are political in nature.

Responding to the issue that continues to be echoed regarding efforts to mobilize a number of masses under the name of people power, the Indonesian Communicologist, Emrus Sihombing then stated that if there really is a deficiency from the government, then the best way to solve it is by conducting dialogue, which dialogue should be based on facts, data and evidence.

Because, it is absolutely undeniable that every implementation of government leadership anywhere, there must be a deficiency and is not perfect, including some of the policies implemented, of course it will be very difficult to truly satisfy all parties. What’s more, Indonesia itself consists of a wide variety of people with different backgrounds, so their understanding will also be very diverse in addressing government policies.

However, whatever deficiencies exist in the government, especially in Indonesia, it is indeed very appropriate if it is resolved by way of deliberation and dialogue, which is also one of the characteristics of this nation which always strives to maintain national unity and promotes efforts deliberations to reach consensus and mutual agreement.

As additional information, in fact the narrative of efforts to mobilize the masses on behalf of people power itself has also been echoed in the implementation of the 2019 general election democracy party, which seems to be completely inseparable from the existence of intolerance practices which are apparently still understood by a handful of people Indonesia.

Not only that, but a handful of people who want a movement to unite the masses using the name people power is actually a very unconstitutional thing. It is as if the narratives they continue to echo often position the government as their enemy, which must be conquered by any means.

Even though it is very clear, if the movement to unite the masses in the name of people power, so far it has indeed occurred in a number of other countries that are experiencing this problem, including those that have the connotation of overthrowing a legitimate government, it really has a lot of bad impacts that accompany it.

Not infrequently, the existence of the people power movement also causes casualties, which for example can also be directly witnessed in several other countries in the world. So in fact it is very clear that the existence of this people power movement is by no means a constructive effort for the good of the nation and state, as they have been echoing so far, but will instead bring many opposite negative impacts.

Because, actually Indonesia itself already has a series of procedures if the people feel dissatisfied with the government’s performance in policy or whatever it is, then the people can convey it in a much better and elegant way in accordance with the agreement of the constitution and not by overthrowing power, because precisely the consequence is very much in conflict with the constitution of the country,

So, the people power movement should instead be aimed at continuing to support the government by using people’s power and eliminating the narrative of identity politics that has often been used so far. It is also desirable that the opposition in the country, which is also protected in the constitution as a social control party, which is in accordance with the principles of democracy can produce many rational actions and also discourses based on solutive ideas so that in the future they can become a quality antithesis.

The implementation of the 2024 election is right in front of our eyes, but ahead of the democratic party and political contestation, it is actually colored by the existence of negative discourse and issues that continue to blow, including the threat of mass mobilization in the name of people power. Obviously this is not a constructive thing at all.

)* The author is a contributor to Nusantara Reading Room

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