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Communities play a role in overseeing the implementation of honest and fair elections


By : Moses Waker )*

The community plays a major role in overseeing the 2024 Election so that it upholds the principles of justice (honest and fair). The implementation of elections must be successful because they have a major impact on people’s lives for the next 5 years. With the participation and escort of the people, the election will take place without problems.

The general election (election) is still one year away but must be prepared from now so that later it will run well. The government, KPU and all other parties are committed to the success of the peaceful 2024 elections. The community also participates in elections. Not only by exercising their right to vote, but also by guarding and overseeing the election so that it remains honest and fair.

The General Chairperson (Ketum) of PP Muhammadiyah, Haedar Nashir also invited all people in Indonesia to participate and actively participate in overseeing all stages of the 2024 Election so that it can continue to run honestly and fairly. The principles of honesty and justice can be created together through a shared commitment.

Jurdil (honest and fair) is an election principle and must be maintained for every election held by the government, KPU (General Election Commission), and Bawaslu (Election Supervisory Body). The public is obliged to oversee the implementation of the 2024 election. The aim is to create a safe, honest and fair presidential and vice-presidential election, so that it is truly  fair.

Honesty means that every element in the administration of elections must be honest in accordance with applicable law. Starting from the organizers, government and political parties participating in the election, election supervisors and observers, including voters, as well as all parties involved indirectly, must behave and act honestly. 

While fair means that every voter and political party must receive equal treatment and be free from fraud.

The community is obliged to oversee the implementation of elections so that they are always honest and fair. Make sure all voters are honest and choose presidents and candidates based on their own conscience. There are no residents who vote because they are bribed by certain unscrupulous legislative candidates because it is tantamount to lying to themselves.

The community also does not want to be persuaded by certain caleg members to vote for them if it is not in accordance with their conscience. Even though the unscrupulous legislative candidate gives envelopes alias dawn attacks (giving money in the morning before the election), the people don’t care about it.

Elections must also be fair and every voter gets the same opportunity, both healthy and disabled citizens. Those who live in remote areas must also get justice by being given equal voting rights.

The public is strictly prohibited from committing dishonesty, for example by carrying out black campaigns, spreading hoaxes, spreading hate speech, carrying out doxing, bullying, persecution, buying votes (vote buying), illegal transactions with organizers, and so on.

Meanwhile, Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo stated that he wanted the General Election Commission (KPU), the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) to the Police to finalize preparations for the 2024 elections in Central Java. All must be better prepared and uphold the principle of an honest and fair election.

Ganjar added, the dissemination of the implementation of the duties of each stakeholder who plays a role in the 2024 Election is increasingly being intensified. Not only that, Ganjar said that the socialization of the 2024 election stages must also be socialized to the public.

In a sense, the elections will be carefully prepared and the KPU and Bawaslu are determined to do well. The reason is because the election is a very crucial moment. Where the people will vote for a presidential candidate and a new member of the House of Representatives. 

The election must not fail because it will tarnish the name of the KPU and Bawaslu. Therefore preparations and coordination continue to be matured. This event must be a success and later Indonesia will have a new leader candidate, who will take this country in a better direction.

DPR RI member Supriansa said that he agrees with the judges of the Constitutional Court (MK) who decided that the quality of democracy must be better by preventing money politics from occurring. The practice of money politics can occur in a closed proportional or open proportional system. When there is money politics, it is tantamount to dishonesty.

An open proportional system is an electoral system that allows the people to elect several representatives of the people in an electoral district (dapil) who are members of a political party. This system has been used by Indonesia in previous elections.

Meanwhile, a closed proportional system is an electoral system that allows the people to vote for parties, so they cannot elect the people’s representatives personally. Currently there is talk that the election will return to a closed proportional system as in the 2014 and previous elections.

When there is a closed or open proportional system, there is a threat of money politics. Therefore, the election must be monitored closely, so that no money politics can disrupt or thwart this grand event.

The community plays a major role in overseeing elections so that they are always honest and fair. The 2024 election must run successfully without any fraud and bribery. People are adults and don’t want to take bribes because they understand that this is tantamount to deceiving themselves.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Makassar

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