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Community acceptance of Ganjar is expanding to West Sumatra


WEST SUMATERA — The acceptance of the figure of Ganjar Pranowo from all Indonesian people has expanded even to West Sumatra Province.

PDI Perjuangan DPP Secretary General Hasto Kristiyanto explained that the acceptance of the white-haired leader was even able to surpass in various regions where in the previous election the party with the bull logo tended to be weak.

This optimism was clearly seen from the enthusiasm of all the people in various regions when they received the direct arrival of Ganjar Pranowo to their area.

“So that with very high stamina, Pak Ganjar Pranowo greets the people and this awakens optimism. That Mr. Ganjar Pranowo is also widely accepted in West Java, Banten, and even West Sumatra,” said Hasto.

This continued support for the 54-year-old leader also occurred after the inauguration of the administrators of the Village Volunteer Network for Ganjar (Des Ganjar) in as many as 12 districts in the Province of West Sumatra.

The chairman of the DPW Des Ganjar, West Sumatra, Iswandi, revealed that the reason why community support was getting stronger was because he judged that the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate really understood village problems.

Apart from that, his figure has also proven to have succeeded in bringing Central Java forward, very populist and caring for all people, especially very concerned about the village community.

“It has been implemented in Central Java, and it has been tested. We want it on a larger scale, that’s why we expressed support for him to become a presidential candidate,” said Iswandi.

The nation’s future leader is not even awkward at all and is able to mingle very well with its citizens so that they often stay at people’s homes in the village.

A Cilacap resident, Kusmanto (56), whose house Ganjar is staying at, admits that he did not expect it at all and was very happy.

“Oh, I feel very happy. Didn’t expect (didn’t expect) that Pak Ganjar wanted to stay overnight in our village. It’s like suddenly having a revelation or feeling (like getting a revelation). Thank God, I’m really happy,” he said.

He was very amazed because for him it was the first time that an official was willing to stay overnight at a resident’s house directly.

“How about it, because this is the first time that an official wants to stay overnight in our village. Moreover, this is a governor. Previously, no officials had ever stayed overnight, so we were very happy and willing to wait until whenever Mr. Ganjar came,” he said.

Ganjar himself admitted that the activity of staying at the houses of residents in the village was for the sake of being able to ascertain firsthand whether the program he had initiated had really materialized and reached the people.

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