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Community Holds Istighosah Pray for Ganjar Pranowo as President in 2024


Jakarta — The public continues to give full support to the presidential candidate carried by the PDI Perjuangan, Ganjar Pranowo so that he can become the next President of Indonesia in 2024. Not only that, there are also istigasah events and joint prayers.

It is known that on Saturday (24/6), the Governor of Central Java came and visited the Warakas Market in Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta.

Then when Ganjar arrived there, all the residents immediately shouted and cheered to welcome him.

During the visit, this leader who is identical with his white hair had time to ask and meet a number of traders. He asked the sellers about prices and had time to check the prices of vegetables and meat in the market.

“How much is it?” asked Ganjar to the chicken meat seller.

“The price is increasing sir,” replied the seller.

It was obvious that the community seemed very happy with the visit by the PDI Perjuangan cadres. They also had time to fight over a photo with Ganjar.

“Ganjar President, support Ganjar,” shouted the residents. “Long live Ganjar!” shouted other residents.

Not only that, but the public also shouted at Ganjar Pranowo as the next president of Indonesia, and there were also residents who claimed to be grateful for the visit made by the presidential candidate.

“Thank God the Warakas Market was visited by Ganjar Pranowo,” shouted another resident.

In fact, it was also seen that residents had filled the road to see Ganjar’s arrival in person.

Meanwhile, United Gus-Gus Nusantara (GGN) Volunteers held a tahlil and istigasah event together with the taklim assembly congregation in Prambon District, Sidoarko Regency, East Java on Saturday (24/6).

Regional Coordinator of GGN East Java, Gus Muhammad Alwi Hasan said that the joint prayer event was held so that Ganjar Pranowo could be given the smoothness to face the 2024 Presidential Election.

“We held tahlil and istigasah together with the taklim assembly, then followed by a joint prayer,” said Alwi.

They also provided socialization and continued to introduce the presidential candidate to the public.

“We also socialized and introduced Ganjar Pranowo to them,” said Alwi.

The joint prayer activity went smoothly and even the people were full of enthusiasm to take part in the whole series of events.

Evidence of how enthusiastic the community is is the large number of worshipers who attended.

“This is evident from the large number of residents and congregations who attended this activity,” said the Regional Coordinator of GGN East Java.

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