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Considered the Right Figure to Continue President Jokowi, W Sumatra Ulema and Traditional Leaders Support Ganjar


Ulemas and traditional leaders in West Sumatra (West Sumatra) support the presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo because he is considered the right person to continue the leadership of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). Apart from that, the credibility and experience that the Governor of Central Java has is no joke and is suitable for bringing Indonesia to become a developed country in the future.

In order to choose a leader in the next leadership of the Indonesian Nation, namely in 2024, all people from all walks of life should choose the right figure. This is because the determination of the day on which the voting will be held will determine the fate and direction of this country’s movement in the future for the next 5 (five) years.

So it is very clear that you should not choose a figure whose credibility or experience is still unclear. Choosing the right leader also means that all elements of the nation have contributed to the progress of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) going forward in order to welcome Indonesia Gold in 2045.

According to the scholars and traditional leaders in West Sumatra (West Sumatra), the figure considered appropriate to lead Indonesia is Ganjar Pranowo, who comes from Central Java. The Governor of Central Java Province is considered capable of continuing President Joko Widodo’s leadership and programs in the future.

Not only Islamic scholars and traditional leaders in West Sumatra (West Sumatra) who were close to the figure of Ganjar Pranowo, Nahdatul Ulama (NU) also had a close relationship with the Governor of Central Java for the two periods. According to political observer, Ratna Puspita said that of the three presidential candidates, Ganjar Pranowo has a close affinity with the largest Islamic community organization in Indonesia, namely NU. Thus, Ganjar has great potential to gain support from NU.

Besides that, Ratna also added that there were other supporting factors, namely, Siti Atiqoh, Ganjar’s wife, who is the granddaughter of a prominent NU kiai in Purbalingga, namely KH. Hisham A Karim. In fact, Ganjar also had a strong relationship with NU during the Central Java Pilkada for the 2018-2023 period together with Taj Yasin Maimoen or Gus Yasin when they advanced together. As is well known, Gus Yasin is the son of NU cleric Maimun Zubair who is well known in Rembang, Central Java.

Other support also came from the ulema in Banten. Through the declaration of the United Banten Islamic Community Forum (FUIBB) with the Village People’s Movement for (Gardu) Ganjar, they fully support Ganjar as President for the 2024-2029 period.

FUIBB and Gardu Ganjar unite to carry peaceful elections that are full of tolerance and are committed to maintaining calm, security and peace in the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election. They revealed several reasons for supporting Ganjar, one of which was because the leader who was identical with white hair had close ties to religious figures and clerics in Banten. The Advisory Board of Gardu Ganjar, Abah Elang Mangkubumi welcomed them and they had great enthusiasm. This means that the collaboration between Gardu Ganjar and FUIBB, which is a symbol of the diversity of religious groups in Banten, strengthens support for Ganjar Pranowo.

It doesn’t stop there, support for presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo extends to the ulema in Brebes, Central Java. When visiting one of the Islamic boarding schools (Ponpes), namely, Al Habibatain Bumiayu Islamic Boarding School, he was warmly welcomed by Brebes scholars at the residence of Kiai Khoif. Intending to say goodbye after leading Central Java for 10 years, Ganjar received many thanks and praise that Central Java Province was safe and peaceful under his leadership. In fact, they also expect a leader like Ganjar in the future.

Meanwhile, thousands of clerics and community leaders in Bogor held a joint prayer, one of which was to pray for presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo to become Indonesia’s leader in the coming period. Apart from Ganjar, the event was also attended by the Chairman of Bapilu PPP, Sandiaga Uno and major scholars such as KH Sanusi Azhari, KH Suhendra, Leaders of the Ar Rahman Zikir Council, KH Misbah Zulfikar, Al Bashriyyah Islamic Boarding School Leaders, KH Taqiyudin Basri and others. Together they prayed for Ganjar to become the next Indonesian leader by shouting ‘Ganjar Sandi yes’.

According to the Regent of Bogor, Rahmat Yasin, who is also the head of the Ganjar volunteers, they will fight to support and win Ganjar as the 8th President of the Republic of Indonesia. He is also optimistic that there will be at least 60 percent of the votes in Bogor for Ganjar Pranowo. The reason is, Rahmat has 3.8 million voters in his area, so he is also optimistic that if Ganjar Pranowo wins in Bogor Regency, he will also win in other areas.

Indonesia will progress if it is in the hands of the right leader, therefore, choosing a leader requires prudence and foresight. Not only dare to go forward, but credibility and experience are also needed. In addition, the personality possessed must also be in accordance with the characteristics of a leader, one of which is caring for the people. Ganjar Pranowo has received a lot of support from various elements of society because he is considered capable of leading the country towards the upcoming Golden Indonesia 2045.

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