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Create a Happy 2024 Democracy Party, People Call for Peaceful Elections


Efforts to be able to create a democratic party event and event in 2024 so that it can truly become a party full of joy and joy for all the people. Calls for peaceful and cool elections must be carried out and supported and realized together.

All elements of society in the Republic of Indonesia (RI) are actually really looking forward to holding a democratic party and political contestation, namely that the upcoming General Election (Pemilu) can be an event where divisions do not occur.

It’s not half-hearted, even people who have different backgrounds or views and political support in the country, namely supporters of all the upcoming 2024 RI Presidential Candidates, Ganjar Pranowo, Prabowo Subianto to Anies Baswedan, are also collaborating together. .

They are all united and solid with each other to continue calling for the implementation of the General Election, especially the upcoming Presidential Election (Pilpres) to be carried out safely and peacefully. The reason is, for the people of Indonesia, there should indeed be momentum for the circulation of a change of leadership in Indonesia to be able to grow joy.

So, it should be when welcoming the General Election (Election) which incidentally is a democratic party and a people’s party, then in a party, of course, all those involved feel happy and joyful, without any negative feelings or emotions that arise until lead to mutual animosity between one another.

Because, if hostilities still exist in every election implementation, then it will not bring a good impact at all to the nation itself, and on the contrary, this nation will be increasingly fragile and easy to divide. In fact, in the event of political contestation is the best momentum to unite all people in the Republic of Indonesia.

On the agenda calling for unity and calling for peaceful elections, was organized by Vox Point Indonesia in collaboration with the Central PWI Election Monitoring Society and Press (Mapillu). Secretary General (Secretary General) of the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI), Mirza Zulhadi also hopes that journalists will no longer raise various reports or issues regarding identity politics.

Not only advising journalists not to continue blowing up various kinds of issues regarding identity politics which contain sensitive elements, namely Ethnicity, Religion, Race and Intergroup (SARA), which is indeed an issue that should be avoided to prevent divisions in the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, he also invited that media partners are able to participate and play an active role in maintaining national unity.

All people who even differ in their support or political views in the 2024 Election, all have one goal and hope, namely that the implementation of a democratic party in the country can indeed become a vehicle for joy, as well as a high-quality event to show how the quality of the democratic principles that this country continues to uphold.

Meanwhile, General Chairperson (Ketum) of Vox Point Indonesia, Yohanes Handojo Budhisedjati also invited all elements and layers of society to be able to use their right to vote in the best way possible. This is intended so that the implementation of the upcoming 2024 elections can take place coolly and peacefully.

The very strong desire of this institution is to be able to jointly voice that Indonesia is a single country, even though it has many differences and diverse backgrounds, in fact, even since the time of the nation’s founding fathers, they have also echoes the motto of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, which is different but still one, as a motto that should continue to be used as a guideline for the unity and integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Together, the people are able to create a country that is very cool and farthest from the word divisive between one another, because in truth all those in the country are fellow countrymen. It would be very unfortunate and very expensive if this country would actually be torn apart just because problems and various negative issues regarding the General Election continued to surface.

Togetherness can also be encouraged so that people can mutually develop various national values. It aims to be able to realize a just, peaceful and prosperous society and also continue to fight for the upholding of the values ​​of equality in all aspects of national and state life.

All elements of society as well as media partners and journalists continue to call for the holding of the General Elections (Pemilu) in the upcoming 2024 to be a peaceful, cool event and momentum to maintain national unity. Together, let’s create a democratic party that is truly joyful for all the people.

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