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Deputy Head of BIN Review Preparation for PYCH Inauguration Ceremony


Papua – Ahead of the inauguration of the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH), Deputy Head of BIN Lt. Gen. TNI (Purn) Teddy Lhaksmana WK checked the readiness of the event on Thursday (16/3). This review starts from each booth which will present a presentation in front of President Joko Widodo to a simulation of implementing a video conference for the inauguration later (21/3).

Deputy Head of BIN, Teddy Lhaksmana WK appreciated the readiness of the presentations from each booth that will appear before President Joko Widodo later. However, each narrator still has to practice until the implementation of the event.

“During the presentation later, stay confident and focused on the material to be delivered. The narrator must also be ready to answer President Joko Widodo’s questions during the booth presentation,” he said during the inspection.

During the inspection, Deputy Head of BIN, Teddy Lhaksmana also conducted a video conference with representatives of young people who are members of Inspiring Young Papua (PMI). The Vicon presented four PMI members who have businesses in various fields, including Maria Fransiska, owner of a laying hen business in Jayapura City, Abdul Wahab, owner of a Cattle Workshop and Corn Plantation business in Fak Fak, Albert Burwos, owner of a Pig farm in Manokwari, and Daud Amnan, land owner. corn plantation in Tambraw.

Abdul Wahab, who manages the Cattle Workshop and Corn Plantation, conveyed the progress of his cattle farm, which currently has around 50 cows.

“The existence of PMI is very supportive in terms of governance and management, as well as connectivity with local governments. The integration and synergy are quite good so that the programs can be carried out,” he said.

Albert Burwos, a Pig Farmer, said that currently there are 71 pigs in the pen and tonight there will be another 20 pigs.

“The number will continue to be supplemented until it reaches 105,” he said.

During the inspection, preparations were going well and the enthusiasm of the performers to welcome President Joko Widodo was quite high.

Apart from viewing booths and video conferencing simulations, there is an interesting booth, namely the Papua Application which facilitates several applications that are useful to the community, such as the Container (Cleaning Trash) application and Papua Pacific Park. The application was created by young Papuan talents who have a passion for the digital world.

Containder Founder, Irsanto Andi Imbiri, said this application is related to waste management to make it easier for people to report or convey their aspirations regarding complaints related to a dirty environment. Derived from a community that cares about the environment, this application was built in 2022.

“Containders are expected to be able to overcome bad environmental problems, especially because of garbage. This application will be easy for the Regional Government to monitor through the Sanitation Service (Business to Government) regarding which places have been cleaned and which have not,” said Irsanto.

Daniel Sedik as the Founder of Papua Pacific Park said that this application focuses on the tourism ecosystem, namely how local people are directly involved in the tourism business. Apart from that, it is also to explore Papuan tourism so that it is better known to the public.

“Papua Pacific Park as an application to provide tours and tours in the Papua region. So far, Papua tourism only knows Raja Ampat, even though there are still many other tourist destinations,” he concluded.

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