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Development of IKN with Sustainable Construction


Jakarta – The development of the Nusantara National Science Institute in East Kalimantan continues to focus on implementing a sustainable construction system. This will make IKN Nusantara a capital city that is very environmentally friendly and integrated with smart cities and capable of becoming a world mecca.

Various development activities in the Archipelago State Capital (IKN) area are continuing, where the current development focus is on the core area. Until now the development activities at IKN Nusantara have reached 23 percent.

In this regard, the Deputy for Facilities and Infrastructure for the IKN Authority, Silvia Halim, revealed that there were several other activities such as the construction of dams and the provision of raw water, whose progress had even reached between 80 and 90 percent.

Silvia said that all development progress that was being carried out was still on track so that the IKN Authority was optimistic that the construction could be completed according to plan. He explained, 324,000 hectares of which the mainland is 256,000 hectares. of that land area, the IKN area is around 56,000 hectares, and within it is the Government Core Area which covers around 6,600 hectares.

It is in the Government Core Area that it becomes the center of its main development activities. Within this area you can find Axis Archipelago, Presidential Palace, Presidential Office, Ministries/Agencies Offices, and also housing for ASN-Defense and Security.

Then, Andrinof Chaniago, who was a former Minister of National Development Planning (PPN)/Head of the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) in the 2014 to 2019 period, said that the development progress so far that he has monitored has been good and can be said to be extraordinary.

In fact, he gave his appreciation and said he saluted the performance of the team, especially the PUPR Ministry and the OIKN team. The whole thing is totally doing project management. He mentioned that the construction of workers’ houses was quickly established, which is something new in various infrastructure development projects and indicates that indeed the readiness to work on the Nusantara IKN is extraordinary.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) instructed all infrastructure development activities in the National Capital City (IKN) of the archipelago to meet sustainable construction requirements. Basuki also added that the development of IKN must pay attention to the principles of lean construction and use building information modeling (BIM) so as to increase the effectiveness of resource utilization and reduce construction waste.

Indeed, at this time, the Ministry of PUPR has a big task, namely to build infrastructure at IKN Nusantara. Minister Basuki said that the project which he was good at carried out the Smart Forest City concept by continuing to put forward the principle of being one with nature, applying smart technology and encouraging the use of renewable energy.

IKN is expected not only to become a symbol of progress in Indonesian civilization but also to become the Most Sustainable City in the World. Previously, the PUPR Ministry planned to apply the concept of green infrastructure or green infrastructure in the development of the National Capital City (IKN) of the Archipelago.

This is done at IKN with a design to promote the concept of smart, innovative and inclusive city development by prioritizing global principles with local wisdom. To create a smart metropolis, IKN is also developed as a modern city to meet world-class infrastructure standards. It also applies smart technology to create livable cities.

However, IKN does not only function as a smart city, but also as a modern place that applies smart technology to create livable, resilient and sustainable cities. The PUPR Ministry continues to be committed to carrying out environmentally-based infrastructure development by prioritizing a number of principles.

In the same vein, Head of the IKN Authority Agency, Bambang Susantono revealed that IKN Nusantara would become one of the most sustainable cities, not only in Asia but also in the world. He said, because in its development, IKN Nusantara prioritized livable aspects, namely paying attention to the five elements of a future modern city, namely green, smart, inclusive, resilient and sustainable.

From these five elements, said Bambang, IKN Nusantara will become nature-friendly, human-oriented and have excellent access and quality urban services.

Not only that, the government designed Nusantara’s IKN to become a Sustainable Forest City, namely only about 25% of the entire IKN would become a built environment. While the remaining 75% will be maintained as a green area, including 65% of the area will remain as a tropical forest which acts as a carbon sink.

By applying the concept and theme of sustainable construction, it is believed that the development of the Nusantara National Science Center will become a smart city that is very environmentally friendly and capable of becoming a world center.

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