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Gaining People’s Support,  Ganjar Volunteer Posts Spread in Many Areas


By: Hartono Wijanarko

Ganjar’s advancement as a Presidential Candidate in the 2024 General Election (Pemilu) has apparently attracted enthusiasm from the public for the establishment of Ganjar Volunteer Posts in many places, because it turns out that the man who serves as Governor of Central Java has many fans, not only in Central Java.

In Menteng, Central Jakarta, Ganjar Volunteers took the initiative to establish the Aspiration House for Ganjar Winning Volunteers. The Aspiration House was inaugurated by Ganjar on Thursday 1 June 2024. After the inauguration took place, it seemed that Ganjar was surrounded by volunteers to shake hands or just to see Ganjar up close. At that time, several volunteers were seen shouting ‘Reward the President’.

         The inauguration was also attended by PDIP Secretary General Hasto Kristiyanto, PDIP politician Ahmad Basarah, Acting Head of PPP M Mardiono, to PPP DPP chairman Achmad Baidowi. In addition, hundreds of representatives from various elements of volunteers were present at the event, they came wearing the uniforms of their respective volunteer organizations.

         Not only in Central Jakarta, in Surabaya the Ganjar Young People of East Java (OMG East Java) inaugurated the winning post as well as the launch of the assisted MSMEs. The post is located in Semolowaru, Sukolilo District, Surabaya City.

         The establishment of the post is of course aimed at proving the commitment of Ganjar loyalists to vote for Ganjar Pranowo. Of course the inauguration of the pokso was carried out as a concrete step for the volunteers to move forward.

         Until now, OMG East Java has 38 DPCs which are spread evenly in every Regency/City in Surabaya. Agung Wirya Saputra as Regional Coordinator of OMG East Java also ensures that his team will continue to be committed to its movement and be more serious about capturing the aspirations of the younger generation in supporting Ganjar Pranowo to become RI 1.

         He believes that by strengthening solidarity, building more volunteer networks at the regional level and then collaborating at the national level, the movement of volunteers will become a more solid step in the effort to win Ganjar Pranowo.

         Ganjar Pranowo’s leadership style while leading Central Java has attracted the sympathy of millennials, so there is hope that Ganjar Pranowo will be able to win votes from young voters or millennial voters. This is in line with the statement from the Central Leadership Council (DPP) when inaugurating the Ganjar winning post in South Jakarta. The Ganjar volunteers are targeting votes from millennials to win Ganjar Pranowo.

         The Chairperson of the Advisory Board of Sahabat Ganjar (SAGA), Fahlesa Munabari, claimed that all the Representative Councils in the SAGA Region were also present at the inauguration. He also said that the event was also attended by representatives from Indonesian Young Bulls (BMI).

         Fahlesa said that his party would hold various sympathetic programs. This is intended to attract young voters, such as the millennial generation and generation Z. SAGA and BMI also agree that there will be more first-time voters in 2024 than first-time voters in 2019.

         He is also active in various activities, his party is also presenting various kinds of creative programs. Such as  Color Run,  then morning exercise aimed at mothers who are also familiar with the figure of Ganjar who is active on social media.

         This step of creativity certainly deserves appreciation, this shows that the campaign is not just about making speeches with loudspeakers, but also by making positive activities that are empowering and uplifting.

         On a different occasion, thousands of millennials who are members of the Ganjar Millennial Center (GMC) in West Java also declared support for the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, to run as a presidential candidate in the 2024 Presidential Election. The declaration was made simultaneously in the five regions known as Tanah Pasundan, namely Bandung Regency, West Bandung Regency, Cimahi City, and Cirebon City and Regency.

         M Nasihin Ulwan as Regional GMC Coordinator for the City of Cirebon said that Ganjar is a creative and innovative figure and is close to millennials. That is what makes millennials give their support to the number 1 person in Central Java.

         All the support addressed to Ganjar Pranowo seems to be proof that Ganjar is a figure who is not only well-known but also easily accepted by the public. Ganjar’s closeness to the people of Central Java, which he uploaded on his YouTube channel, seems to be an inspiration to many people so that even people outside the province of Central Java have sympathy to support their voices in the 2024 elections.

         The distribution of winning posts for Ganjar is like natural support from the people who want to play a role in the democratic party in 2024. The post raisers seemed to never run out of energy to fight and absorb aspirations.

         The Volunteer Post or Ganjar Victory Post is pure people’s support with the aim that one day this white-haired figure can occupy the presidency. The large number of volunteers scattered is certainly optimism that Ganjar can gain a lot of votes to win the 2024 Presidential Election.

)* The author is a contributor to Nusantara Reading Room

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