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Ganjar Pranowo Firm Leader on Corruption


By : Aditya Ramadhan )*

The Governor of Central Java (Central Java), Ganjar Pranowo is a firm leader in his efforts to take action against his staff in connection with criminal acts of corruption. He did not stop emphasizing the importance of continuing to maintain and uphold the integrity pact in order to continue to provide the best and maximum service for the community.

Ganjar Pranowo constantly reminds all State Civil Apparatuses (ASN) within the Central Java Provincial Government (Pemprov) to continue to maintain their integrity. How could it not be, the article is indeed related to efforts to continue to maintain integrity, this is very important to do because so far there have been many achievements that have been achieved by the region he leads.

The various kinds of achievements that the Central Java Provincial Government has been able to achieve, at least in the last ten years since the leadership era of a man who is also a Presidential Candidate (Capres) from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) cannot be separated from the results of the ASN’s seriousness in Work.

A total of 552 officials were inaugurated and sworn in at the Inauguration Ceremony and Oath-Taking of Pratama High Leaders, Administrator Officers, Supervisory Officers and Functional Officers within the Central Java Provincial Government which took place at the Gradhika Bhakti Praja Building on Wednesday, June 14 2023, Ganjar Pranowo gave several messages.

One of the most important messages he conveyed to the ASN he appointed was for them to be consistent with the integrity pact that had been signed, the main thing is to continue to be loyal to the state ideology and also to be able to continue to be committed to serving the community as best as possible, and not to commit acts of corruption.

Ganjar will never get tired of continuing to remind all parties, especially his staff in the Central Java Provincial Government to really uphold the existence of an integrity pact because it is a very important part.

On another occasion, Ganjar also handed over a number of financial assistance of up to 196.7 billion Rupiah to the Grobogan Regency Government (Pemkab) and also to various community groups in various sectors, such as economic, social, to marine and fisheries with the aim of further helping increase in community welfare.

The assistance will be distributed through as many as 12 agencies and also agencies under the Provincial Government of Central Java, which include the Regional Office, Dispermades, Disperakim, Porapar Service, ESDM Service, Social Service, Welfare Bureau, Environment and Forestry Service, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Service. , Disnakeswan, Central Java Bank to the Kesbangpol Agency.

Ganjar advised all related agencies to really be able to distribute all of the assistance as best as possible to people in need. Ganjar also advised that the quality of all the assistance must be maintained and monitored until it reaches the hands of the community and there must be no corruption.

Meanwhile, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) gave high appreciation to the figure of the Governor of Central Java because he was considered to be a leader who was very strict in giving instructions to all of his staff in Pemprov, mainly related to preventing acts of corruption.

The Anti-Corruption Director for Business Entities, Aminudin said that Ganjar Pranowo was the only regional head who was very brave and very firm in instructing all of his staff regarding efforts to prevent corruption and to continue to maintain integrity.

For this reason, a Regional Advocacy Committee (KAD) was also formed which is able to become a forum for dialogue and also discussion between business actors and their regulators with the aim of being able to discuss or discuss various issues, as well as being able to carry out prevention related to criminal acts of corruption in the business sector.

Furthermore, Ganjar was also considered to be very responsive with his readiness to sign the Governor’s Decree regarding the formation of KAD in Central Java. Of course, with the existence of KAD, it is hoped that it will be able to bring many changes that are much better in development and able to provide various benefits for the people of Central Java.

Being a figure or figure of a leader who is very firm in acts of corruption by continuing to strive for all of his staff to uphold the integrity pact to always provide the best and maximum service to the community, Ganjar Pranowo is indeed the most ideal leader for the Indonesian nation going forward.

)* The author is a contributor to Jendela Nusantara 

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