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Ganjar Pranowo has succeeded in suppressing stunting and is committed to continuing the development of the IKN


Central Java — Eligible to lead Indonesia in the future, Ganjar Pranowo has succeeded in reducing the stunting rate in Central Java and also has a very strong commitment to be able to continue all of President Jokowi’s IKN Nusantara development programs.

The presidential candidate from the PDI Perjuangan is one of the regional heads who has experienced great success in his efforts to reduce stunting rates.

Data shows that the results of the 2022 Indonesian Nutritional Status Survey (SGGI) state that Central Java’s stunting rate is at 11.9 percent.

This figure turned out to be very much reduced compared to last 2018, which reached 24.4 percent.

Of course, this significant decrease was due to the efforts of the Central Java Provincial Government (Pemprov) under the leadership of Ganjar Pranowo.

He has several programs to reduce stunting rates, such as Central Java Gayeng Nginceng Wong Meteng (5Ng), Jo Kawin Bocah, One Student One Client.

Not only that, but Ganjar also intensified the launch of fortified rice as additional nutrition for pregnant women.

There is also a push in Mranggen Village, Polokarto District, Sukoharjo, Central Java regarding the initiation of natural multivitamin and mineral production from spirulina algae.

Meanwhile, Head of Polokarto Sub-District, Heri Mulyadi admitted that in his area there was a real reduction in stunting due to the program from the Governor of Central Java.

“We have tried to prevent and reduce the stunting rate in Polokarto, through several programs. Originally, the stunting rate in Polokarto was 11.25 percent at the beginning of the year. Then in May it fell to 7.7 percent. And in June it fell again to 7.5 percent,” he said.

Several programs from the Central Java Provincial Government are also trying to invite all stakeholders to play an active role in suppressing stunting rates through education and provision of additional vitamins.

“Puskesmas provides beauty pills to reduce the risk of giving birth to children with stunting conditions. Then the family planning field extension officers (PLKB), youth posyandu, and the office of religious affairs (KUA), opened a class for prospective brides (catin),” added Heri.

On different occasions, the feasibility of the figure or figure of a presidential candidate promoted by the PDI Perjuangan is also seen from how committed he is to continuing all of President Jokowi’s development programs.

The man who is identical with his white hair stated that the development of the Capital City of the Archipelago (IKN) is not only about buildings, but about the future, which is about green energy to blue economy.

“So if people talk about the IKN, talk about the future of Indonesia,” he said.

Furthermore, he emphasized that he would continue all the development programs carried out by President Jokowi, including IKN Nusantara.

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